Teenage mother accused after 8 month old baby vanishes

Residents in the central province of Nakhon Prathom pointed the finger of blame at a teenage mother for the mysterious disappearance of her eight month old baby. The mother’s ex-boyfriend was also accused but pleaded he is innocent.

The parents of the missing child, 16 year old Philaiporn Korcharoen and 19 year old Sittichok Choksaengsawang, reached out to Thai netizens for help after their eight month old baby, Tor, went missing on Sunday, February 5.

Officers from Bang Luang Police Station took notice of the couple’s post and visited their home in Bang Lane, Nakhon Pathom, on January 6, to investigate.

Philaiporn told police that she, her husband, her baby, and her 12 year old niece slept together in the same room. She woke at 5am the next day to the sound of the baby crying and fed him before letting him sleep with his father.

She then went out to attend to a customer at the family’s beverage shop at the front of the house at 6am and then went back to bed, taking the baby to sleep with her.

In a sleepy daze, she felt someone taking the baby from her embrace but was unsure of who it was.

Philaiporn woke and searched for the baby but could not find it. In a panic, she then shook her husband awake with the news.

The police, rescue teams, and volunteer divers searched the community and nearby canal for the missing baby but found nothing.

Officers were suspicious of some new cement around the toilet inside the couple’s bathroom, leading them to suspect murder but the subsequent search turned up nothing suspicious.

Locals in the community blamed Philaiporn for keeping in touch with her ex-boyfriend, Wuttiphat, and suspected that he may have kidnapped the baby due to conflicts in their relationship.

Wuttiphat was summoned by the police and questioned but he denied having any motives to kidnap the baby and claimed that he had not been in contact with Philaiporn for nearly five years.

Wuttiphat said he dated Philaiporn for a month. Philaiporn’s parents filed a complaint against him for child abduction.

The search for the missing baby continues, and the Mirror Foundation has now come forward to support the case.

The leader of the foundation, Ekkarat Lumchomkhae, believes that someone must have taken the baby, as it would be impossible for the eight month baby to travel anywhere by himself. Ekkarat urged every media agency to spread the news to pressure the suspect.

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