Tearaway teens arrested for robbing four motorists

Three teenagers and a man were arrested for robbing four motorists at the weekend in Samut Prakarn province in Bangkok. The suspects reportedly admitted to committing the crime to obtain funds to buy kratom drinks.

Footage captured by a car dashcam went viral on Thai social media. It showed the four thugs intimidating a motorcyclist into surrendering his valuables and money.

This footage prompted netizens to plead with the authorities to quickly investigate and apprehend the thieves due to concerns that they may continue to engage in criminal activities, leading to significant road accidents.

Channel 4 contacted the superintendent of Phra Samut Chedi Police Station, which is where one incident allegedly occurred. Superintendent Thotsaphon Thongbai confirmed that the officers had already apprehended the suspects since the crime occurred on Saturday, February 11.

Thotsaphon reported that the victim featured in the viral video did not file a complaint with the police, but the other victims did.

Thotsaphon said the robbers were named as 16 year old Palm, 17 year old Film, 24 year old Jam, and 18 year old Bom, and they confessed to using a knife to threaten motorists for cash and valuables.

In cases where the victims did not possess a significant amount of cash, the suspects would coerce them into transferring funds into the robbers’ bank accounts. These bank transfer receipts subsequently proved to be vital pieces of evidence for the police in their efforts to track down the culprits.

According to the group’s admission, they utilised most of the stolen money to purchase kratom drinks and had already spent all of it. They now face charges under Section 340 of the Criminal Law, which stipulates that individuals who collaborate with three or more people to carry out a robbery with weapons may be subjected to imprisonment ranging from 10 to 15 years and a fine of 200,000 to 300,000 baht.

The consumption of fresh kratom leaves and kratom drinks is popular among Thai people as it makes users feel more energetic. However, inappropriate and excessive use of kratom can lead to addiction.

Tearaway teens arrested for robbing four motorists | News by Thaiger

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