Swift deception leaves Thai influencer stranded outside Taylor gig

Photo by Chopluem

A deceptive concert ticket seller left a well-known Thai social media influencer, her friend, and eight other Thais stranded outside the venue of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Singapore on March 3.

Thai netizens and social media influencers flooded a social media account of a 27 year old Natrada “Pluem” Thammapanya, known among her fans as Chopluem, with words of encouragement after she missed Swift’s Eras Tour.

Pluem recently shared a series of videos showing herself preparing for the concert on TikTok but the end of the series featured her crying outside Singapore’s National Stadium instead of enjoying the concert.

Pluem later clarified to her followers that she and her friend bought the tickets from a credible Twitter account, which had over 13,000 followers. Upon arrival at the stadium, they handed the QR codes to the staff but they were unable to enter because the two seats were already taken by others.

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Pluem realised immediately that she had been cheated by the Twitter account. The concert staff started investigating the seats and discovered that the other eight people were also sold the same fake tickets as Pluem and her friend.

The staff opted to cancel the seats and instructed the first two Thai people who had entered the stadium to vacate the show.

Pluem expressed her disappointment via her Instagram account, @chopluem.

“Buying a fake ticket for the first time in my life. I’m shocked, and I don’t know what to say. I did not expect this to happen. My friend and I were looking forward to seeing the show for nearly a year. We wanted to sing this song together. Many people were deceived just like us.”

Twitter platform denial

Pluem later shared in her TikTok video that she and other eight people bought the tickets from the same platform on Twitter. Several Thai netizens reported that the Twitter account was @babybuybei.

Another Twitter user shared that she also got a fake ticket for Swift’s Eras Tour from the @babybuybei account. She showed the ticket and QR code at the concert venue, and the staff informed her that the ticket was fake and was edited in a photo editing programme.

The shop came forward to answer the unhappy customers.

“From the issues shared on social media, our shop is not complacent about the problem. Our team is gathering evidence to file a complaint with the police and to clarify the matter to the public. We assure all affected customers that we will compensate each as much as we can. We promise to take responsibility and will not escape from the problem.”

Another Thai woman whose name appeared on the shop’s bank account shared a post about the matter, claiming she was a friend of the shop owner, and the owner asked to use her bank account. She did not gain any profits from the businesses and was not involved in any ticket fraud.

There is no report on whether Pluem and others have filed a report with the police and the shop has not made any more announcements on the issue.


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♬ original sound – chopluem🌸 – chopluem🌸

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