SUV crashes into motorcycle killing 4 including 2 young children

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A tragic accident involving a sidecar motorcycle and SUV occurred on a road in the central province of Suphan Buri on Monday, resulting in the deaths of four people, including two young children, a four year old girl and eight month old baby. The SUV driver blamed the motorcycle rider for cutting off his car but a witness reported a completely different story.

Officers from Dan Chang Police Station and the Samoekan Rescue Team rushed to the scene to rescue the four victims who were stuck in the damaged sidecar motorcycle after being hit by a Toyota Fortuner SUV. However, they could not save them.

The incident occurred at 5.40pm on Monday, March 13 on the Dan Chang-Kanchanaburi Road in the Dan Chang district of Suphan Buri. The rescue team used a metal cutting tool to remove parts of the damaged motorcycle and discovered that the four victims had already died.

The identities of the deceased were reported to be 67 year old Piyawat, 50 year old Khaisaeng, and two children, aged four years old and eight months old. Piyawat and Khaisaeng were the grandparents of the two children. Khaisaeng was seen hugging both grandchildren, trying to protect them from the dangers. Unfortunately, she could not protect their lives or her own.

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The SUV with the damaged bumper was parked about 500 meters away from the bodies. The driver, 66 year old Pinit Champakanan, claimed to the police that the sidecar motorcycle made a sudden turn in front of his car and he could not stop in time.

Amarin TV reported that the road has two lanes, allowing two traffic flows. The witness, named Noklek, told the media that the SUV drove against the traffic flow on the other side of the road when the accident happened. The SUV tried to overtake a 10-wheel truck from the front and crashed directly into the victims.

Noklek also added that the driver told him not to blame him for the incident by saying…

“Uncle, stop! I have a dashcam. The motorcycle cut in front of my car!”

Noklek explained that the sidecar motorcycle was about to turn right to go into a Soi nearby, but he insisted that the motorcycle did not cut off the SUV as the driver claimed. He said…

“He can claim what he wants, but I saw everything and will only tell the truth.”

According to Sanook, the SUV driver, Pinit, was initially charged with driving recklessly, causing damage to the life and an asset of another person. The charge will result in imprisonment for up to 10 years, a fine of up to 200,000 baht, or both, according to Section 291 of the Criminal Law.

The investigating officer reported further investigations will be carried out until they get to the bottom of the case.

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