Shocking video on TikTok: Thai sex worker takes moral stand over misbehaving monk soliciting her services

Photo via TikTok @kob062079423.

Thai social media was left astounded as they watched a Thai sex worker display a stronger sense of morality than a sinful monk when she declined to offer her services to him. This revelation came to light through a widely circulated video on the TikTok app, exposing the shameful monk’s unbecoming conduct.

The monk, insistent on receiving the service, argued that he had already fulfilled his monastic duties and even cheekily suggested that the woman view his monk’s robe as a form of cosplay attire.

A Thai man shared a video on the TikTok account @kob062079423 two days ago. The sex worker and the monk argued after the woman refused to engage in any sexual activity with the monk. She urged the monk to return to the temple, but the monk insisted that his duty was already done and that it was normal for a man to want sex.

In the video, you can hear the conversation.

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Sex worker: “Please go back to the temple. I am not providing a service to a monk.”
Monk: “Providing sex services to other customers is considered a sin anyway.”
Sex worker: “What you are doing now is not a sin, is it?”
Monk: “How can that be a sin?”
Sex worker: “It is! Because you are a monk!”
Monk: “It’s already midnight. I have already done my duty. I am just wearing a monk’s robe. You can just assume it is a cosplay costume. Hurry up, I have to receive food offerings at 5am.”

The woman reportedly asked the monk to leave but he insisted on having sex with her, saying he had money to pay for it. The woman told the monk to leave his monkhood if he could not abide by the rules. The monk replied that he still needed sex just like ordinary men.

The monk finally left the woman’s room at the end of the video. He even dared the woman to expose his behaviour in public if she was not afraid of karma.

In conversation, the woman explained that the monk approached her on social media. His profile picture was not of a monk, so she accepted the date.

The video sent shockwaves through the Thai TikTok community, attracting over 2,500 comments under the video. Many netizens expressed their appreciation for the sex workers and condemned the monk for his behaviour.

“I was shocked many times! Monk finishes work at midnight? Monk’s robe is a cosplay costume? You still have to take food offerings at 5am?”

“What should I be shocked about first, between monk finishing work at midnight and cosplay costume? By the way, I appreciate what the woman did!”

“Sex worker is more moral than a monk in this era.”

“Stop looking down on sex workers. They have more morals than some monks.”

“Change your clothes if you already finished your work, haha.”

Some netizens, on the other hand, believed that the video was a fake story. They believed that a demographic of Thai monks broke the rules and sought sex services but they did not believe that a monk solicited sex services dressed in a robe.

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