Trash horror: Waste collector stumbles upon newborn’s tragic fate in black Bangkok rubbish bin

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A shocking discovery was made by a waste collector in the Nong Chok district of Bangkok when he found the discarded dead body of a newborn in a black rubbish bin.

The incident happened at 4am this morning. Authorities from Suwinthawong Police Station, forensic doctors from the Police Hospital, and officials from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation were swiftly alerted to investigate the scene.

The discovery of the newborn in the rubbish bin was made near the Lam Toi Ting temple in Nong Chok district, Bangkok. A six-wheel garbage truck registered in the Thai capital was parked near the temple, approximately 20 metres from the rubbish bin.

At the rear of the truck, a black bag was found containing the body of a newborn baby boy, covered in blood. The body of the newborn had been compressed by the garbage truck’s compactor and was only noticed when it fell out as the compactor was operating.

The waste collector, 30 year old Nopporn explained that he collects rubbish in this area every Tuesday and Friday. The incident occurred around 3am as he was emptying rubbish bins into the back of his truck. The newborn baby’s head emerged from the black rubbish bin bag due to the force of the compactor, prompting Nopporn to shout at the driver to stop the machine. The baby’s body then fell out, and he immediately called the police.

Anong, a local vendor near the temple, said that the rubbish bin is used by residents and passers-by. She expressed deep sorrow over the incident, questioning how anyone could be cruel enough to abandon a child in such a manner. She noted that even animals are cared for by their owners, making the abandonment of a child all the more heartbreaking, reported KhaoSod.

Preliminary investigations suggest the newborn was likely abandoned by teenage parents who were unprepared to look after the infant. The baby was placed in a black rubbish bin bag and discarded it. A detailed autopsy is to be conducted to determine the cause of death and whether the baby was alive or dead when abandoned.

Meanwhile, police are examining CCTV footage from the vicinity of the crime scene and are seeking teenage couples in the community who are pregnant or have recently given birth, to trace the individuals responsible for abandoning the child. Legal proceedings will follow.

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