Child abuse allegations surround Samut Prakan father as violent videos surface online

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Officers of Bang Kaew Police Station in Samut Prakan province, yesterday at 4pm, came to aid a 14 year old boy and his sister aged 10 in their residence. Their 39 year old father was apprehended for questioning following allegations by the children’s mother of child abuse. He was stated to have sent threatening video clips depicting violence against the boy, coercing them to come home. The boy exhibited numerous injuries on his body.

During questioning, the father defended his actions, stating the violent scenes seen in the video were staged, denying his child abuse allegations. The blood in the clip was alleged to be food colouring, smeared on his children for dramatic effect. The visible assault was purportedly portrayed from a unique camera angle that made it appear more intense without causing harm. The injuries on the boy’s waist, he claimed, were a result of a dog bite and not from a broomstick. Though he admitted to hitting the children with a broomstick, it was supposedly a light hit, not made forcefully. This violent act, he said, took place because his wife had gone to Rayong and hadn’t returned, causing him stress as he feared she might have been with another man.

Meanwhile, a neighbour reported that the incident occurred the previous evening. Upon hearing the child cry, they went to check and found the man had stopped assaulting his children. The father claimed he was stressed and the neighbour then reported the matter to the police. The person in question does not usually drink and loves his family.

Deputy Superintendent of Bang Kaew police station, Pol. Lt. Col. Natthapong Makcharoen reported that the mother of the children informed them of physical abuse against her children.

Initial investigations were interrupted by the children’s father, who threatened to lodge a complaint of trespassing. At the time, the children showed no signs of physical abuse, leading investigators to leave the premises and coordinate with the children’s mother. Later in the afternoon, the children were removed from the house after tricking them to wait outside, and probes were launched under the law reported KhaoSod.

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