Roof ruckus: Thai roofing contractor shot dead by condo owner over wrong roof design

Photo via Facebook/ บ่าวเอ็ม นักข่าวภาคสนาม

A Thai condominium owner shot dead a roofing contractor because he didn’t like the design of the roof he constructed in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok.

Bang Sao Thong Police Station officers rushed to the scene of the shooting at a pool hall on Soi Thai Prakan 2/1 in Bang Sao Thong district, Samut Prakarn province. Officers found one man dead and another injured.

The body of a 54 year old Thai man, Somporn Saengartit, was seen lying dead outside the pool hall while an injured victim, 53 year old Prakorb Sitadee, had already been taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his right leg.

The deceased, Somporn, had three bullet wounds to his right eye, back and left leg. Officers found four bullet casings near his body.

Police reviewed CCTV from the billiard hall and were able to identify the gunman as 56 year old Akkaraphon Thongpleo. Akkaraphon, wearing a white tank top and shorts, was seen leaving his condo and entering the pool hall.

Akkaraphon and Somporn argued for a while before the former pulled out a gun and shot the latter. Akkaraphon left the scene, went to his condo for the keys to his pickup and drove away.

Witnesses at the pool hall told police that Akkaraphon is the owner of a condo across from the pool hall. Somporn used to be Akkaraphon’s employee before he quit to start his own construction company.

Akkaraphon hired Somporn several times to renovate his condo but an argument erupted after the roof renovation of his property. Prior to the violent encounter, Akkaraphon complained to Somporn that he built the roof differently from the design he wanted. Somporn explained that he was following the orders of Akkaraphon’s wife.

Akkaraphon and Somporn then continued arguing, which escalated into the shooting. Witnesses added that Akkaraphon always displayed aggressive behaviour, and generally fired shots into the air when he was angry.

Akkaraphon is now on the run.

Officers in Samut Prakarn and surrounding provinces reported they are keeping an eye on him and his bronze pickup truck. The make and registration number of the vehicle have not yet been revealed.

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