Politician’s kin held for fatal Songkran assault in Ratchaburi

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Local politician descendants, known as the Pee Po gang, have been detained for beating a young man to death during the Songkran festival on April 14, in an incident that left two of the victim’s relatives seriously injured.

The attack, claimed as self-defence, stems from an altercation where 29 year old Atit was beaten to death by the gang in Bang Phae district, Ratchaburi.

Six individuals were arrested in connection with the violent assault that led to Atit’s death and the injuries of his two relatives while they were celebrating Thailand’s traditional New Year’s water festivities. The incident took place last Sunday afternoon, April 14. The Bang Phae police subsequently launched a manhunt that resulted in the capture of the six gang members.

The case officer, Sub-Lieutenant Suthipong Suwannano, brought the accused before the Ratchaburi Provincial Court for pre-trial detention today. Facing charges of causing bodily harm and mental distress, as well as serious injury leading to death, the six members of the Pee Po gang were detained pending further legal proceedings.

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A brief statement by one of the gang members suggested the attack on Atit was an act of self-defence after the deceased’s group allegedly provoked them. The claim points to a contentious narrative surrounding the unfortunate event that unfolded during what is typically a festive and joyous occasion.

The incident has sparked a conversation about violence and safety during national festivities, raising questions about the role of self-defence and the circumstances that led to such a tragic outcome. The involvement of individuals associated with a local politician adds a layer of complexity to the case, as the community seeks justice for the victims and their families, reported KhaoSod.

As the legal process unfolds, the families of those affected are mourning the loss and grappling with the severe injuries sustained by the survivors.

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