Police arrest Thai OnlyFans star making ฿100K per month

Police arrested a trans woman known as ‘Dreamy Dao’ for producing and disseminating pornographic content in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen on Tuesday. Dreamy Dao was making 100,000 baht every month by posting explicit content on the OnlyFans website.

Khon Kaen police raided 20 year old Dreamy Dao’s room to find a large number of pornographic videos and 17 other items including filming equipment and props used in the production of explicit content. The police obtained an arrest warrant from Khon Kaen Provincial court on April 4 after a crime investigation unit discovered a Twitter page which Dreamy Dao used to advertise the explicit content. Police subscribed to the Twitter page “to collect evidence”.

Dreamy Dao was arrested for making, producing, possessing and disseminating obscene pornographic content which is accessible to the general public.

The OnlyFans star used a Twitter page with 120,110 followers and a Line group to advertise her OnlyFans content. Subscribers could pay a monthly subscription fee of 234 baht or a lifetime subscription fee of 590 baht to gain access to her pictures and videos. Dreamy’s content attracted 430 members in total. Dreamy Dao posted one pornographic clip every day.

Dreamy Dao was studying at a vocational college in Roi Et province, but wasn’t studying on campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so moved to Khon Kaen to look for friends and make an income. Dreamy Dao chose to make a living through OnlyFans, and made an impressive 100,000 baht per month.

Dreamy Dao told police there was no one else involved in the operation. Police believe there are more people involved and said they will investigate further.

Thai police began cracking down on OnlyFans content creators last year. Well-known creator Nong Khai Nao (Miss Bad Egg), who raked in one billion baht in a three month period, was arrested with her boyfriend last September.

Whether posting explicit content should be illegal or not is a dividing issue in Thai society. The liberal argument is that OnlyFans creators can choose what kind content they post, can choose the price, and can do it from the safety of their homes. Netizens have criticised police for the crackdown and say they should be fighting ‘real crime’. Chief of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau Kanchai Khlaikhlueng compared arresting OnlyFans creators to killing a chicken in front of monkeys – a Thai saying which means punishing someone in order to deter others from doing the same. Kanchai wants to continue making an example out of OnlyFans creators to “uphold the good morale of Thailand”, he said.

SOURCE: ThaiRath

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