PM Prayut speaks about the new Cabinet and tackling social and economic issues


Yesterday, Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha delivered a speech about the new Cabinet and discussed social and economic concerns to drive Thailand forward during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. He said that there are 5 key job guidelines to be followed in the service of the citizens of Thailand…

• Keep providing short-term financial relief for the people, with particular attention to SMEs and people who have lost their jobs in various sectors.

• Provide relief in a way that is sustainable for the country, bearing in mind how long the global crisis could last; begin a solid program for sustainable recovery that’s right for the nation’s current situation.

• Provide incentives to help people stay employed, and for businesses to use the time to “reset” and become efficient and competitive.

• Make a plan for youth employment, as there is a new generation of graduates entering the job market.

• In doing all of the above, operate with transparency and integrity, and stay open to the opinions of all stakeholders. Everybody in Thai society has a role to play in helping the nation get through this challenge.

“In addition to appointing non-politicians as ministers as part of Ruam Thai Sarng Chart’s goal to involve talent from every part of society, I am now formally reaching out with invitations to other great talents that lie outside of the government. During this and next month I will be conducting workshops with various sectors who will come and present to me their vision to drive their sector forward, the opportunities that they see, and their points of view in how the government may support their sector to progress even faster.”

“I will attend all of these sessions personally because I want to hear directly from the people. What I want is for the groups to tell me how they propose to move their sector up to the next level so that when the Covid crisis subsides our country will be positioned to prosper quickly, create great employment opportunities, and be in even better shape than before we entered the Covid crisis.”

SOURCE: Thailand PRD

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