Pattaya taxi operator finds and returns 64,800 Thai baht left on street

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A taxi service operator in Pattaya found a bag containing a substantial amount of money at around 8.30pm yesterday, January 5.

The operator, 58 year old Wilailak Pimnoy discovered a clear plastic bag filled with US$1,500 (approximately 54,000 Thai baht) and an additional 10,800 Thai baht. The found money, totalling 64,800 Thai baht, was on the street in front of the Gold Hotel on Pattaya Sai 3 Road.

Wilailak immediately contacted the local Pattaya police and handed over the money to them. She directed the officers to the exact spot where she had found the bag. During her conversation with the police, Wilailak explained that while she was waiting for customers, she noticed the bag on the road. After picking it up and realising it contained money, she quickly notified the police to help locate the owner, reported KhaoSod.

Wilailak expressed her worries that the tourist who lost the money might face difficulties in paying for accommodation and transportation costs. The Pattaya police are now holding the found cash as evidence while they attempt to locate its rightful owner.

In related news, local taxi drivers extended sincere apologies to a Thai couple in Pattaya in the wake of a severe misunderstanding. The incident, which occurred on October 28, led to 41 year old Sathit Ruenjit being assaulted by the taxi drivers who mistakenly believed he was operating as a ride-hailing driver.

In other news, a Thai taxi driver faced criticism for a viral video of him chasing away a foreign passenger by pulling her out of his cab. The driver defended himself saying the foreign woman kicked his car door over an air conditioning dispute.

The video shows the taxi driver opening the left door of his car and pulling the female passenger out. The passenger could not resist him and got out of the car with her bag. The driver tried to get all of her belongings out of his car before the video was cut.

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