Pattaya drunks steal road signs to pay for more booze

Photo by Highway Police.

Three drunk men in Pattaya cut up several road signs and planned to sell the parts for money to buy more booze. Police saw the three men with hardware tools, stealing signs on main roads in the Pattaya and Banglamung area. Police arrested one man, 27, and he’s now being charged for theft. The other two men fled the scene. The man arrested insists they “never intended” to destroy the signs, and that it was “a bad idea caused by too much alcohol.” Police are on the lookout for the other two men.

Pattaya is known as Thailand’s sin city, and obnoxious behaviour by intoxicated people isn’t unheard of. In January, a shirtless foreign man allegedly tried to fight locals at a supermarket. Police slapped him with multiple legal charges, and said he didn’t cooperate, was aggressive, and threatened them. In an article titled “Farang Behaving Badly,” one writer wrote about a 2016 incident when three Russian tourists in a Pattaya restaurant threatened their fellow restaurant-goers. It was either as a prank, or because they wanted to steal peoples’ belongings.

In 2020, police arrested a drunk man on a Pattaya beach who threatened people with a knife. Police said the man incoherently yelled at people.


Source: The Pattaya News | Bangkok Post

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Tara Abhasakun

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