Pattaya Beach is second most popular beach in the world

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Pattaya Beach was named the second most popular beach in the world on TikTok. The most popular beach prize goes to Bondi Beach in Australia.

The UK luxury holiday company, Destination2, created a list of the most popular beaches across the world on TikTok. The company conducted the research on TikTok by creating a specific hashtag for the dream beaches all over the world and tracked the number of views.

Pattaya Beach was ranked as the second most popular beach in the world with a number of views at 128.5 million. The champion, Bondi Beach in Australia, gained over 445.8 million views.

United States news platform CNBC also reported on the rank and emphasised that Pattaya Beach was praised by global TikTokers for its variety of water sports and activities like a parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat. The three-kilometre beach also offers a huge selection of restaurants, street food stores, souvenir shops, and hotels.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand also recommended visitors who love a peaceful vibe to check out the northern side of the beach because the spot was not crowded and gave a larger beach space to enjoy.

Check out the top 10 most popular beaches on TikTok below:

  1. Bondi Beach, Australia (445.8 million views)
  2. Pattaya Beach, Thailand (128.5 million views)
  3. Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam (64.6 million views)
  4. Vũng Tàu Beach, Vietnam (61.9 million views)
  5. Waikiki Beach, US (43.7 million views)
  6. JBR Beach, Dubai (30.3 million views)
  7. Kelingking Beach, Indonesia (30 million views)
  8. Santa Monica Beach, U.S. (29 million views)
  9. Airlie Beach, Australia (27.8 million views)
  10. Whitehaven Beach, Australia (23.5 million views)

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