Nitric acid leak prompts emergency response in Bangkok: Investigation underway

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A chemical emergency has struck the Prawet district, in Bangkok following a leak of nitric acid. Authorities, including a specialised team from the Lat Yao Fire Station, swiftly arrived at the scene to prevent further spread. The property owner, who utilises the chemical acid for stainless steel work, possesses the correct permit, but authorities will conduct further investigation to ensure the stored quantities align with legal requirements.

At around 6pm yesterday, Police Captain Pholniwat Thonglat, the investigative officer from Prawet Police Station, was informed of an occurrence of a chemical leak. The incident took place in Chalermprakiat R.9 Soi 25, Nong Bon Subdistrict, Prawet District, Bangkok. A team was assembled to handle the chemical emergency, comprising of staff from the Lat Yao Fire Station and Chalermprakiat rescue department, reported KhaoSod.

The incident occurred in a two-storey townhouse in Bangkok. At the front of the house, five chemical drums were spotted alongside the wall. Yellow smoke could be seen billowing from them. Upon inspection, the substance was identified as nitric acid.

The response team from the Lat Yao Fire Station began by examining the chemical concentration to evaluate the situation. Following this, three leaking containers were secured and their content was transferred to a safe drum. The remaining two were kept aside, devoid of any leak, to be relocated by Prawet District Office later to a safe place.

Police Captain Pholniwat stated that upon initial investigation, it was informed that the nitric acid was used for stainless steel work. The property owner had duly registered a company and acquired the appropriate permissions. However, further checks will be carried out to verify whether the amount of nitric acid housed exceeds the limitations set by the law.

The investigative officers will need to delve deeper, taking detailed verbal testimonies, before proceeding with the next legal steps.

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