Net idol found dead in Bangkok condo abused by air force cadet ex-boyfriend


A close friend disclosed evidence that “Gigi,” the Thai net idol who was found dead in her rented condo room in Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday, was physically abused by her ex-boyfriend – the air force cadet found dead lying next to her. Both were shot once in the head. Police found a gun near their bodies.

Yesterday at 3.20pm, Makkasan Police were called to a room on the 14th floor of a condo at the Asoke – Phetchaburi intersection where they found the bodies of 20 year old Supitcha “Gigi” Pridacharoen and 18 year old Phumiphat “Ikkyu” Chaiwanichaya. The lights and air conditioning were still on.

Police are still examining CCTV footage to confirm there was no third party involved in the shooting. However, Gigi’s father and friends reveal that Ikkyu had a history of violent behaviour. Ikkyu, a second-year air force cadet student, was the son of high-ranking military officer Gen. Somchai Chaiwanichaya.

In the past, Gigi sent a photo of her bruised face to a friend, along with messages saying that she was “stamped on” by him, that he “hit her in the face eight or nine times,” and he “hit her chest and back.” “It’s good that my father has come to help me,” Gigi added.

In another message, Gigi sent a photo of a sticker on the wall covering up a gunshot hole. She said…

“He’s fired shots before too.”

At 6pm yesterday, Gigi’s father spoke to the police at Makkasan Police Station. He said that his daughter and Ikkyu were in a relationship and had broken up around two months ago. He said that Ikkyu abused Gigi so much that she had to move condos to try and get away from him. He said he doesn’t understand how Ikkyu entered her room this time.

A fan on social media once asked Gigi why she and Ikkyu had broken up. In response, Gigi posted another photo of her face, covered in bruises, with the caption, “Truth will tell. I won’t say anything anymore.” She later deleted the photo.

Many are wondering why an 18 year old man had access to a gun when Thai law requires that you must be at least 20 years old to apply for a gun license. However, a look into Ikkyu’s social media reveals that he loved guns and regularly posed with guns online.

Police are continuing their investigation today.

Net idol found dead in Bangkok condo abused by air force cadet ex-boyfriend

Net idol found dead in Bangkok condo abused by air force cadet ex-boyfriend

ORIGINAL STORY: Thai net idol and air force student found dead in Bangkok condo

The bodies of a Thai net idol known as “Gigi” and a Thai air force student were found inside a condo room in Bangkok, Thailand, this afternoon. Both were shot in the head, according to the police.

Lt. Gen. Thiti Saeng said that a friend of the deceased called officers from Makkasan Police Station to Gigi’s condo room at the Asoke – Petchaburi intersection in Bangkok this afternoon, reports Sorayuth Suthassanachinda.

Police found the body of Supitcha “Gigi” Pridacharoen lying on the ground. She died from a single gunshot wound to the head, police said.

Nearby, police found the body of a Royal Thai Air Force trainee, who is reportedly the son of a high-ranking Thai military officer. He was also shot once in the head.

Inside the room, police found two bullet casings and a firearm which they confiscated as evidence.

Police said they are in the process of examining CCTV footage to determine whether a third party was involved in the shooting. Police estimate the shooting happened at least 24 hours prior to discovering the bodies.

The relationship between Gigi and the unnamed air force student is not clear at this stage, police say.

Police said the shooting happened inside Gigi’s bedroom, which is rather small and shut off by a wall divider which may be the reason that no one in the building reported hearing gunfire, said police.

Both bodies will be taken to the Forensic Institute at the Police Hospital.

Gigi’s manager posted a message on Gigi’s Facebook page to her 194,000 followers…

“Gigi has passed away. Further details to be announced. Thank you to everyone that has always followed Gigi. Gigi was loved very much. I’d like to thank you on her behalf.”

Thousands of Gigi’s fans posted their condolences on Gigi’s Facebook and Instagram pages…

“I am so sorry. Gigi was a very cute and kind person.”

“I am so shocked.”

“You are an angel in heaven now.”

“Rest in Peace. Why did it have to be you?”

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