Mysterious death: Naked body of Thai man found hanging from tree

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Friends and family suspect foul play after discovering the naked body of a Thai man hanging outside his home in the northern province of Kamphaeng Phet.

A 35 year old Thai man, Somkid Saokaew, discovered the dead body of his manager, Rapin, outside the deceased’s home in the Mueang district of Kampaengphet yesterday, April 4, and reported the death to Mueang Kampaengphet Police Station.

Somkid explained that Rapin held the position of Director of the Strategy and Budget Managing Department at Mueang Kamphaeng Phet Municipality. It was routine for Rapin to join colleagues for breakfast, but recently, he had been absent from work without notifying anyone of his leave.

Efforts to contact Rapin by phone proved fruitless, prompting Somkid to visit Rapin’s home. There, he encountered a distressing scene.

Upon the arrival of the police, it was discovered that Rapin’s body was suspended from a tree outside his home, making use of his trousers. His black T-shirt hung from his foot, while his work uniform, shoes, and personal belongings were found nearby.

Although there were no signs of struggle or theft at the scene, friends and family doubted that Rapin took his own life.

Rapin’s 50 year old friend, Khetrat Takham, informed the police that both he and Rapin were former Royal Thai Navy officials. The evening prior to the discovery of Rapin’s body, he, Rapin, and other friends shared a dinner together. The meal concluded around 10pm, after which Rapin accompanied some friends to another restaurant.

No suicide motives

Another friend, 51 year old Chadchai Junlaphan, revealed that Rapin left the second restaurant at about 11.25pm saying he began to feel drunk and wanted to go home.

Chadchai noted that Rapin had diabetes and hypertension but did not believe these health conditions contributed to his death. Chadchai assured that Rapin was loved by friends and had never had any conflict with anyone.

Chachai added expressed pride in his child, who worked as a cosmetic surgeon. Rapin jokingly offered friends discounts on cosmetic procedures. He appeared cheerful and untroubled in the company of friends.

Rapin’s wife urged the police to thoroughly investigate her husband’s death, stating that there was no logical reason for him to undress before committing suicide.

She added that the black T-shirt found around his foot was an old shirt that he rarely wore. Moreover, the shirt bore the inscription, “We Love the King.” Rapin, who was very loyal to the king and royal family, would never involve such a shirt in a suicide.

The police initiated an investigation into Rapin’s mysterious death, and his body underwent autopsy to determine the cause of death.

If you or anyone you know is in emotional distress, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand 24-hour hotline: 02 713 6791 (English), 02 713 6793 (Thai), or the Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai). Please also contact your friends or relatives at this time if you have feelings of loneliness, stress, or depression. Seek help.

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