Motorcycle stunt goes awry at Chiang Mai fair, stuntman hospitalised

An unfortunate accident occurred yesterday during a daring motorcycle stunt at the winter fair and the Chiang Mai Good OTOP fair. The stuntman, known only as Tae, was injured when his motorcycle lost control during a barrel-climbing show and fell, hitting the floor hard.

This incident happened behind the provincial government centre, where the event was taking place. Emergency services and first responders from the Nakhon Ping Hospital were notified of the accident and promptly arrived at the scene. They found Tae unconscious due to a head injury, and he was quickly taken to the hospital for treatment.

Tae, a professional stuntman, was performing a thrilling motorcycle barrel-climbing show. He was driving his motorcycle in a barrel from the bottom to the top edge, when suddenly, the vehicle lost control.

The motorcycle, along with Tae, fell and hit the ground, leaving him unconscious in front of shocked spectators. The event staff immediately alerted the authorities, who swiftly arrived to help and transport him to the hospital.

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Investigators suspect that the accident occurred when Tae let go of the handlebar, causing the motorcycle to lose balance and fall. In addition, Tae was not wearing a helmet during the stunt, causing his head to hit the ground, resulting in the injury, reported Sanook.

In a related story, Aphinya Phantaprateeb, a detective from Mueang Buriram Police Station in Buriram province, last night received a report of a car fire. A woman escaped unscathed after her car was engulfed in flames following a dog unexpectedly crossing her path while she was driving home.

The incident, which took place in Buriram, witnessed the alarmed woman successfully escaping from her blazing vehicle, a Ford Fiesta, which suffered extensive damage. It took the officers around 20 minutes to gain control over the fire, leaving the vehicle nearly destroyed.

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