Military and vets save giant python in Thailand after dog attack

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A giant python named Boonrod was saved from a near-fatal dog bite by military personnel in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand, and required urgent veterinary care, including sterilisation, before being returned to the wild. The incident occurred yesterday, February 14, when soldiers from the Special Warfare Training Camp in Sichon, along with their instructors, carried the nearly 5-meter-long, 10-kilogramme male python to Sichon Animal Hospital after it was discovered with severe wounds near its cloaca.

The python, found on a mangosteen tree after the attack, was in critical condition with its internal organs protruding from a grave injury. Vet Piyaporn Wattanapun took immediate action, performing surgery to remove parts of the damaged tissue, including parts of the reproductive organs, which made sterilisation necessary. If left untreated and unsterilized, the infection from the rotting wound could have been fatal within days, reported KhaoSod.

Lieutenant Phornphitak Chimkornburi expressed his gratitude for the rescue team’s efforts and the veterinary care provided by Piyaporn, which was given free of charge considering Boonrod is a wild animal. Following the surgery, the python was housed at the Special Warfare Training Camp in Sichon for ongoing wound care and administration of antibiotics until full recovery was ensured.

In related news, a large python was discovered nestled within a parked pickup truck in Chon Buri, causing a stir among locals. The snake had taken up residence in the vehicle while its owner took a brief pause for a roadside toilet break. The snake was eventually captured and released back into the wild by the rescue unit of the Tri Khun Tham Chon Buri Foundation.

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The Tri Khun Tham Chon Buri Foundation’s rescue unit today was alerted to the presence of a large python slithering into a civilian’s pickup near the roadside along the Ban Suan-Ban Bueng route in Ban Suan Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chon Buri Province.

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