Man’s fiery folly: Smoking while filling petrol bottles leads to fire

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An absentminded Thai man inadvertently triggered a catastrophic blaze by smoking while filling up petrol bottles leading to a catastrophic blaze that engulfed his house and caused moderate injuries in Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri.

On Wednesday, April 3, a man inadvertently triggered a catastrophic blaze by smoking while filling up petrol bottles. The resulting fire engulfed his house and resulted in moderate injuries.

As three fire trucks raced to the scene, a large crowd gathered around the burning shop house, its zinc roof ablaze and flames raging intensely. Firefighters swiftly evacuated nearby residents and deployed water cannons to quench the inferno. Yet, it took nearly 30 minutes of relentless effort to bring the roaring flames under control.

Mana, the 40 year old owner of the house, sustained burns to both arms as he attempted to fill bottles with gasoline while nonchalantly puffing on a cigarette. Despite warnings from onlookers, including eyewitness 44 year old Pliw Thongnam, Mana persisted in his dangerous act, brushing off concerns until disaster struck.

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“It was like watching a disaster in slow motion. I warned him, but he just carried on, and then suddenly, it all went up in flames.”

The fire swiftly engulfed Mana’s arms, leaving him injured and the house razed to the ground, reported Pattaya News.

Paramedics rushed Mana to a local hospital for treatment, underscoring the peril of neglecting safety precautions.

In related news, to safeguard consumers against potential exploitation during the upcoming Songkran festivities, Prachuap Khiri Khan’s provincial authorities have unleashed a new campaign. Led by Deputy Governor Komkrit Charoenpatanasombat, the crackdown aims to ensure fair pricing at fuel stations across the province.

In other news, the Thai authorities successfully rescued 97 passengers and 11 crew members after a fire broke out on an overnight ferry travelling from the mainland in the southern province of Surat Thani to Koh Tao.

ThaiRath reported that the fire started in the engine room of the Koh Charoen 2 ferry at around 6.30 am yesterday when the boat was about 4 to 6 kilometres away from Koh Tao. The fire was reported to Koh Tao Police Station officers who coordinated authorities from the relevant departments until they managed to rescue all 108 victims.

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