Thai man cursed by black magic has insects crawling out his skin

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In a scene more fitting for a horror movie, a bizarre tale of supposed black magic and swarms of insects allegedly emerging from a man’s skin gripped the local community in Udon Thani.

The afflicted individual, 43 year old Ad claimed that for over two months, he has been tormented by insects crawling out of his skin, a condition he believes is caused by a curse rather than a medical issue.

The story came to light when prominent Facebook page owner, Panumart Jitwasinkul, known locally as Hia Piak, was contacted by a traditional healer named Mor Pla to assist a villager claiming to be victimised by dark magic.

The villager, Ad, reported experiencing severe discomfort and pain as insects exited his skin, forcing him to apply a topical medicine regularly to alleviate the symptoms.

In an attempt to verify these extraordinary claims, a team of reporters travelled to a house by Nong Ta Kai Pond in Mueng district, Udon Thani province. There, journalists were greeted by Ad, who recounted the onset of his affliction with insects, starting with what he described as eggs on his head.

He initially used kaffir lime on the area, which seemed to expel the insects, but the relief was short-lived as more insects continued appearing, ranging from ticks and lice to small blood-sucking bugs.

Ad is convinced that his condition is the result of black magic rather than a physical illness. His quality of life has deteriorated significantly. He is currently unable to work or carry out normal daily activities. Eating has become a struggle, as the insects seemingly compete with him for food, and wearing clothes is nearly impossible due to the creatures infesting his garments.

No drugs involved

Despite admitting to past drug use, Ad firmly denies that his symptoms are drug-induced hallucinations, asserting that he has been clean for a long time.

The reporters were then shown how Ad extracts the insects from his skin using the topical medicine, an unsettling procedure that highlights the severity of his condition.

His uncle, Kamphiw, speculated that his nephew’s problems might be psychological, stemming from stress over family issues and work.

Once a diligent worker involved in construction and moneylending, said he has been deeply affected since his separation from his wife two years ago, leading to depression and a lapse into substance abuse.

Ad’s 67 year old aunt, Ratchanee, also expressed scepticism about the presence of insects, suggesting that his belief could be a manifestation of a mental health disorder rather than an actual infestation or a supernatural curse.

Despite her concerns, she felt powerless to persuade Ad otherwise, fearing a hostile reaction, reported Khaosod.

The curious case of Ad has sparked a mixture of concern and incredulity among locals and online followers, with many urging him to seek medical attention.

The story serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact that mental health issues can have on individuals and their families and the importance of seeking professional help in such situations.

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