Man fatally struck by SUV while changing tyre on central Thailand road

Photo via KhaoSod.

A Thai SUV driver fatally struck a Thai man changing a car tyre in the left lane of the Asian Highway in the central province of Ayutthaya.

The victim’s colleague, and pickup driver, 37 year old Thawatchai, called officers from Bang Pahan Police Station to the scene at 5pm yesterday, September 26. He told the officers that his colleague, 36 year old Painakorn, had been fatally struck after being hit by an SUV.

Upon arrival, officers found a white Nissan pickup truck parked in the left lane of the road. Tragically, they also discovered the lifeless body of Painakorn lying beside the pickup, who sustained a severe head injury.

Thawatchai, who was in shock, told police that he and Painakorn were on their way to deliver exercise equipment to a customer in the central province of Sing Buri. When they arrived at the scene, the left rear tyre of the car blew out and Thawatchai pulled the car over to change the tyre.

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Painakorn volunteered to change the tyre while Thawatchai was seeking assistance from the highway police. Thawatchai said he also tried to warn other vehicles on the road that their pickup was parked in the area.

However, the SUV veered into the left lane at a very high speed and crashed directly into Painakorn. Thawatchai added that Painakorn had just started working for the company five days prior to the tragic accident.

The driver of the SUV remained at the scene, visibly shaken and filled with grief and sympathy. The SUV driver shared that he was on a journey from Bangkok to his home in the central province of Nakhon Sawan. While he had noticed the parked pickup, he could not avoid it in time.

Police have not yet filed charges against anyone involved. They would review the CCTV footage and question the two drivers in detail.

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