Thieving specter or cunning crook? Lopburi thefts stir mythical creature suspicions

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A recent spate of thefts in the Lopburi province ignited fear amongst residents, who are attributing the incidents to the mythical creature Phi Kra Sue. However, local authorities have pacified public concerns, stating the culprit is merely a masked thief and not a supernatural mythical creature.

The situation came to light when Yotsawin Bamrungwet, Lopburi’s provincial governor, and the province’s Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order, conducted an on-site investigation following numerous reports from the villagers.

The incident has caused significant anxiety among the local populace, particularly in Ban Buek, Tha Wung district, where the reports emerged.

A Facebook user named Sathaporn Auyha today posted an update in the group แจ้งเหตุลพบุรี. The update contained a document from Pitsanu Prapathananant, the district chief of Mueang Lopburi, who reported to the provincial governor about the issue.

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The document detailed an online news report dated yesterday, October 17, regarding sightings of the mythical creature, Phi Kra Sue, in various subdistricts of Mueang Lopburi and Ban Buek, Tha Wung district, causing widespread panic among the residents.

In response, the district chief instructed the subdistrict headman and village headmen to ascertain the veracity of the reports, reported KhaoSod.

Old woman apparition

One of the informants, Wichian Duangket, residing in Ban Buek, Tha Wung district, claimed to have encountered the Phi Kra Sue in the middle of the night around mid-September. He described the apparition as an old woman with contrasting black and white hair, who was about 5 metres away from him.

Wichian used a hoe to chase this entity, which then escaped through the garden. Following the incident, he shared his encounter with nearby residents, leading to further discussions and speculation.

However, the headman of the seventh village in Pho Thru subdistrict, whose house is adjacent to Wichian’s, reported that he found a mask near Wichian’s house while jogging in the morning after the incident.

The mask matched Wichian’s description, leading to the conclusion that it was likely a person wearing a mask to steal chickens or other valuable possessions from Wichian’s house.

The district chief of Mueang Lopburi has requested the Pho Thru subdistrict administrative organisation, village headmen, and subdistrict headmen, to disseminate information and issue warnings to the public not to panic over the incident.

He has also asked residents to keep a close watch on their valuables and farming equipment. Further updates on the situation will be provided as and when available.

The incident has been the talk of several subdistricts, with a video clip of a woman and her young daughter encountering the Phi Kra Sue and an elderly man confronting it with a machete, going viral.

Local administration and security officers are joining forces to hunt down the Phi Kra Sue and comfort the residents, following their widespread alarm.

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