Lopburi man kills 3 in family feud, including wife’s uncle

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In a harrowing family tragedy in Lopburi, a man brutally shot and killed his wife’s uncle and two friends in a fit of rage. The incident, fueled by a deep-seated grudge, occurred today, March 21. Police Colonel Jessada Promsuwan, Chief Inspector of the Ma Now Wan Police Station, led an investigation team to the scene after being notified of the deadly shooting at a residence in Pattana Nikhom district.

Upon arrival at the elevated wooden house, located about 100 metres from the village road in Huay Khun Ram subdistrict, they discovered two men lying motionless beneath the house, their bodies in pools of blood. The smell of blood was pervasive.

The area was immediately cordoned off to await the forensic police and the coroner. It was learned that one severely injured individual had been transported to the hospital earlier but had succumbed to his injuries.

The deceased at the scene were identified as Seeprai Sopetch, 54 year old the homeowner, found sitting against a wall with a gunshot wound from a .38 calibre bullet to the back of his head. A blood-stained hammer lay beside him.

The second victim, 48 year old Khomsorn Chaiwat, was also shot in the back of the head, his lifeless body atop a food bowl containing beef organs, with a chopping board and a knife nearby. Another 28 year old man found breathing but in critical condition, was rushed to Wang Mueang Satharam Hospital in Saraburi but later died from his injuries. He was identified as Samatchai Korsoongnuen.

Investigators found two motorcycles, a grey-black Honda CPX and a blue-white Suzuki without a license plate, at the scene—belonging to the deceased group. The 34 year old perpetrator, identified as Anuwat Tatthapong fled the scene in a black Toyota pickup truck but was later apprehended at a checkpoint by Wang Mueang police.

Fatal shooting

The local police reported that before the incident, four gunshots were heard, prompting an investigation. The local leader commented that the residence was often a gathering place for young people to drink and use drugs and was a known drug trafficking spot.

Anuwat, who is the nephew-in-law of the homeowner and perpetrator of the violence, had a history of aggression towards his wife and mother-in-law, threatening them for money in front of his young children, ages four and eleven. Concerned for his family’s safety, Anuwat harboured a long-standing resentment.

During his confession, Anuwat revealed that on the day of the crime, he had argued with his wife and, in a fit of anger, fired two shots into the air before driving to Seeprai’s house to ask for papayas. Upon arrival, he found two strangers preparing to drink with Seeprai.

An argument ensued, during which Seeprai insulted him. Enraged and already upset from his earlier conflict, Anuwat shot Seeprai in the head, followed by Khomsorn and Samatchai.

Anuwat admitted to the killings, claiming they were acts of love and protection for his family and a release of pent-up vengeance. He insisted he had no involvement with drugs, suggesting the motive was personal and not related to debt collection from drug trafficking, as initially suspected, reported KhaoSod.

The police have charged Anuwat with intentional murder, possession of firearms and ammunition without a permit, carrying a firearm in public without a reasonable cause, and discharging a firearm in a public place. Anuwat confessed to the charges, with his wife and young children present to witness the proceedings.

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