London couple ‘blown away’ by resort-like Thai airport (video)

Photo courtesy of TikTok @dcandkd via Newsweek

A couple from London were utterly blown away by the stunning design of an airport in Thailand. Their video clip on TikTok via the account @dcandkd took viewers around the airport, amassing an impressive 146,900 views since its debut on March 26.

Daniel, a 32 year old content creator and songwriter, and Nakita, a 27 year old content creator and dancer, captured their awe-inspiring experience at Koh Samui Airport, a tropical haven on Thailand’s east coast. Having spent two weeks on the island, they were en route to Bangkok before heading back to London when they stumbled upon the airport’s unique charm.

The footage reveals an airport unlike any other, surrounded by lush greenery, where passengers can relax on bean bags, sun loungers, and outdoor café tables.

“When you arrive in Koh Samui, you don’t get to see it in as much detail as when you leave. We checked in our suitcases and were shocked at how beautiful it was; everything was outside.”

What struck Daniel and Nakita the most was the open-air environment and the scenic lake in the departure area.

“This was our first time at an airport like this. It felt like a hotel resort rather than an airport.”

As the video continues, Nakita showcased grassy patches with trees and serene bean bag spots. The camera pans to outdoor café tables, a tree-lined walkway, and a picturesque lake adorned with lily pads. Daniel was awestruck.

“Crazy… beautiful… I feel like I’m at a hotel resort. I’ve never seen an airport like this in my life.”

The couple were particularly impressed by the cleanliness, the variety of shops, and the relaxing atmosphere, reported Newsweek.

“You could relax there all day. There’s no stress, everything is so relaxed you don’t feel like you’re travelling. They pick you up in a buggy and take you to the plane, which was also very spacious and clean.”



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