RTA lieutenant general accused of assault, illicit drug use during sexual encounter with man

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Investigations are underway at Sadao Police Station in Songkhla, regarding the alleged illicit drug use and assault by a Royal Thai Army (RTA) army lieutenant general while engaging in sexual activities with another man. The authorities have issued a summons for the lieutenant general to be questioned about these allegations.

Police officials interviewed the alleged victim, identified solely as Nut. Based on the initial evaluation of his accounts, an assault charge has been imposed against the accused. During questioning, the RTA lieutenant general will also be questioned about possible drug use, and any additional charges will be determined based on the evidence presented.

Nut and his legal representative, Arm Suwanraksa, filed an official complaint against the lieutenant general at Sadao Police Station on Thursday, April 20. Nut, who had undergone a medical examination at Songklanagarind Hospital on April 24, was discharged on April 27. Nut claims that he was prescribed antibiotics to help with the injuries sustained, and he demands that the lieutenant general be held accountable for the harm inflicted upon him. He has also urged the army to conduct a thorough investigation, stating that the incident should not be treated as a personal matter.

Arm Suwanraksa noted that police authorities would have to carefully review the evidence to determine whether a drug charge could also be imposed against the army officer. The lieutenant general has been transferred to an inactive position in light of the situation, pending a thorough investigation.

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During the complaint, Nut presented graphic evidence, including a video recording and photographs of extensive bruising on his body, which he claims were caused by the assault during the sexual encounter with the lieutenant general, who goes by the initial “Wor.” Media reports suggest that the pair had met through an LGBTQ+ dating app and agreed to meet at a hotel located in the Sadao district.

Allegedly, the lieutenant general requested Nut to consume crystal methamphetamine by injecting it directly into his bloodstream. Nut, however, refused to comply. Following this, the accused reportedly used a sex toy on the victim and proceeded to use a whip on him. Nut claims that the lieutenant general refused to take responsibility for the harm caused and threatened him. Eventually, an offer of 2,000 baht was made by the accused to resolve the matter.

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