Jealous husband arrested for wife’s brutal murder

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A crime which sent shockwaves through the Bang Khomod sub-district, Ban Mor district, Saraburi province, was reported on Tuesday. The victim, Thongsuk, a 25 year old woman from Lampang Province, was brutally murdered.

Upon hearing of the chilling crime, officers at Bueng Sam Phan Police Station, partnering with Highway Police Unit 5, Division 1 of Phetchabun Province, swiftly set up roadblocks along the Saraburi – Lom Sak highway, particularly in the vicinity of Moo 9 Subsomot village, Bueng Sam Phan district.

Officers later apprehended a suspect riding a red Honda MSX motorcycle fitting the description of the assailant. The suspect, later identified as 35 year old Alongkorn, aka Bass, subsequently fled the scene, making his way towards Phetchabun province.

Alongkorn, a labourer by profession, confessed to the heinous murder, citing jealousy as the motive behind his actions. According to his statement, he felt humiliated and embittered when he learned about Thongsuk’s alleged affair from an outsider, who seemed to taunt him about his wife’s infidelity.

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Alungorn confessed to consuming alcohol until he was intoxicated and then confronted Thongsuk about the infidelity allegations. When she admitted to the affair, in a fit of rage, Alungorn attacked her with his hands and a plank of wood, striking her on the face, head and body. At this point, Thongsuk was still alive and pleaded for medical assistance.

However, Alungorn, noticing how late it was – nearly 2am – told her he would take her to the hospital the next day, and then drifted off to sleep. When he woke up in the morning, he found Thongsuk dead. Acknowledging his grim situation, he packed his belongings, intending to flee to his relatives in Wang Korn, Muang, Phetchabun Province, but was apprehended before he could reach his destination.

He was taken to Bueng Sam Phan police station where he was detained to await the arrival of the Saraburi provincial investigator to take over the case per legal protocol concerning jurisdiction in the Ban Mor precinct.

From his statement, it was revealed that Thongsuk had cheated on him multiple times. Alungorn was recently made aware of these infidelities when he was taunted by one of the men with whom Thongsuk was allegedly involved.

He was mocked and told…

“So, this is your wife. We’ve been to the woods together. Can’t you keep up with her?”

Additionally, he disclosed that he had made promises to Thongsuk’s mother to look after her and work towards creating a good life, reported Sanook.

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