Israeli officials successfully rescue 30 people, including 14 Thais

Photo by Israel Defense Forces via The Times of Israel.

The Times of Israel reported today, October 11, that Israeli forces successfully rescued 30 people from the southern kibbutz of Ein Hashlosha, very close to Gaza. The group includes 16 Israelis and 14 Thais.

The group of 30 had been missing for three days during the ongoing conflict until the authorities received a report about them at around 9pm last night. Officers rushed to rescue the group and reported that they were safe and well.

A 25 year old Thai man named Tew contacted Channel 3 for help after he and more than 100 Thai people could not contact the Royal Thai Embassy or Israeli authorities.

Tew said his employer had left them there and told them to wait. They were only 2 kilometres from the Gaza border and could not wait any longer.

Tew said he and others packed their bags and prepared to move to a safer place. They urged the media to tell their story to both Thai and Israeli officials to accompany them to safety.

Tew added that he had to return to Thailand, although he was worried about travel costs and unemployment. He hoped the Thai government would help the Thais in Israel to overcome these problems.

Three injured Thais seek help

A 40 year old Thai man, Ratchakorn “Joe” Phuttsorn, told ThaiRath about the situation he and his friends faced in Israel.

Ratchakorn explained that he was shot in the left knee and his wound got worse because he did not receive treatment. Joe said that the other two friends also suffered minor injuries.

Joe claimed that he managed to contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Israel and that the authorities told him and his friends to take a taxi to the airport to return to Thailand. Joe said it would be impossible to find a taxi this time and they couldn’t imagine how they would make it to the airport without help.

Another Thai man took to Twitter to say that 30 Thais, including himself, had been rescued by officials and were safe in the camp. However, a bus picked them up the next day and took them to another workplace where the employer forced them to work.

The Thai man said that no one was willing to work at that time and that they could not work during the war. The man urged the Thai authorities to help him and the others return to their families.

The man added that two Thai men were killed in the blast while working and demanded that the employer and relevant authorities take responsibility for the deaths.

Thailand’s Labor Committee spokesperson, Sahatsawat Khukong, said he had taken note of the issue and ordered the relevant department to investigate the matter and provide assistance to the group.

According to Thai PBS, more than 1,000 Israeli residents lost their lives in the conflict and at least 2,600 people were injured. In Israel’s response, more than 900 Palestinians were killed and at least 4,250 injured. Six journalists were killed in the territories.

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