Instant noodles replace flowers at unusual Thai funeral

Bouquets of instant noodles replaced flowers at an unusual funeral today at a temple in Phitsanulok province, northern Thailand. In a magnificent display, hundreds of sachets of Mama noodles and other dried foods were arranged like flowers around the coffin.

Prabhali Konghoon, who died peacefully at age 68, had unique wishes for his funeral which his relatives carried out for him today at Wat Ban Pa temple in Mueang District. Prabhali didn’t want his relatives to spend money on fresh flowers that would be thrown away after the funeral. He asked them to spend the money on something that would serve a purpose once the show was over instead.

More than 500 packets of instant noodles, 400 cups of instant noodles, 20 cartons of milk, bags of Milo hot chocolate, rolls of toilet paper, bottles of cooking oil and fish sauce were arranged like flowers, tied up with ribbons and placed around Prabhali’s coffin.

After the funeral, all of the provisions were donated to an orphanage and an old people’s home. Prabhali’s relatives said they spent the same amount of money on the dried foods as they would have spent on fresh flowers.

Aside from the decorations, the funeral featured all the usual customs of a Thai Buddhist funeral, such as chanting from monks.




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