Swing and miss: Cuckold husband takes legal swing at wife’s affair

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A cuckold husband has taken legal action after discovering his wife had an affair with a high-ranking government official soon after the couple had joined a swingers’ club. The couple, married for 10 years, had entered the swinging scene to spice up their relationship, with strict rules to avoid emotional entanglements.

The husband, with activist Kan Jompalang, reported that he found incriminating chat messages between his wife and the official. These messages revealed an ongoing affair, with the pair exchanging intimate messages and gifts, including a BMW car.

Kan Jompalang disclosed that the couple had a mutual agreement to participate in swinging activities, with the wife choosing the partners and the husband always present during these encounters. The primary rule was that no further relationships should develop beyond these activities to preserve their family integrity.

The husband recounted that about three months ago, they had participated in a swinging session with a government official. Despite everyone understanding the rules, the wife and the official continued their relationship in secret. The husband discovered the chats, where his wife and the official expressed love and planned private meetings, which were against their agreed terms.

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“I found messages where they called each other husband and wife and planned to meet secretly. This is a clear violation of our agreement and has destroyed our family.”

The husband stated that the affair had significantly impacted their marriage, with the wife behaving distantly and ignoring his calls. He attempted to confront her, but she dismissed his concerns. The situation escalated when the official bought a BMW for his wife, further deepening the betrayal.

Swing and miss: Cuckold husband takes legal swing at wife's affair | News by Thaiger
Picture of the cuckold husband courtesy of Sanook

“We had clear rules to prevent this kind of situation. My wife might be attracted to his wealth, which I can’t compete with. But this doesn’t justify their actions.”

The husband, feeling betrayed and hurt, sought help from Kan Jompalang to address the legal aspects of the case. Kan confirmed that they had consulted with a lawyer and planned to visit the official’s workplace in the afternoon to file a lawsuit and pursue disciplinary action against him.

“We will ensure that justice is served. This kind of behaviour is not only immoral but also illegal.”

The husband, who has been with his wife for 12 years, admitted that joining the swinging community was a youthful impulse. They engaged in such activities only once a year, always respecting the boundaries they set to avoid any emotional fallout.

“Things were normal for ten years. But this affair shows a blatant disregard for our rules and our marriage. I want the official to take responsibility for his actions.”

The husband emphasised that despite their unconventional lifestyle, their marriage was legally binding, and he intended to proceed with legal action to hold the official accountable for the infidelity and the subsequent turmoil in his family.

The case highlights the complexities and potential pitfalls of non-traditional relationships, especially when participants fail to adhere to mutually agreed guidelines. As the legal proceedings unfold, the husband hopes to find some resolution and accountability for the breach of trust that has shattered his family.

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