How To Meet the Newly Announced Health Insurance Requirements For O-A Visa

Health insurance is required for non-immigrant visa holders O-A and O-X who want to spend their retirement years in Thailand.

It has recently be announced there will be change to the regulations for non-immigrant OA visas, visitors will now be required to have a minimum of 3 million baht in health insurance for in-patient care to be eligible for long-term stays in Thailand, up from the previous requirement of 400,000 baht.

the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Satit Pitutacha, says “the increase in insurance is necessary to make sure that, should a traveller get ill during their one year in the country, more insurance money available is necessary to guarantee they receive the proper treatment.”

Inpatient care (or IPD) must have a coverage limit of at least 3,000,000 Baht, and outpatient care must have a coverage limit of at least 40,000 Baht. The Thai government requires this coverage for everyone with this type of visa (OPD).

You must also acquire a certificate of entry to enter Thailand due to the Covid-19 limitations and regulations (COE). To acquire a COE, the applicant must have $100,000 in covid-19 insurance for the duration of their stay.

What plans are available?

As part of their ever-growing business, Tadoo have introduced a range of new packages. This time for foreigners looking to apply for an O-A visa, also known as a retirement visa.

Tadoo have 8 diffrent plans available, Here is a overview of the combined benefits of the plans available:

  • Age limit – 75 Years Old (Renewable Up to 99 Years Old)
  • Meets minimum government requirements for medical expenses including Covid-19 treatment
  • FREE certificate of Covid-19 + inbound travel doc for COE (worth is 15K annual)
  • Complied with Long Stay Visa Requirements (O-A , O-X and STV visa type)
  • Worldwide coverage excl. USA
  • No requirement to buy additional life insurance plan
  • Major Medical pays additional 90% of expenses exceeding the benefit limit under
  • Maximum payable per year up to ฿30,000,000
  • Emergency medical Assistance up to $100,000,000 USD
  • Deductible options available
  • No Claim Bonus After Each Claim-free Year
  • Discounts for groups of two or more people: 5% for groups of 2-3 people, and 10% for groups of 4+.

If your interested in health insurance for O-A visa and want to find out more – Click Here!

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