Government and military suffer nearly 2,000 cyber attacks weekly

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Thailand is grappling with an alarming surge of cyber attacks, facing an unprecedented 1,892 assaults per week, far surpassing the global average.

Check Point Software Technologies unveils shocking statistics in their latest Threat Intelligence Report, exposing the kingdom’s vulnerability to Cryptominer and Botnet malware, paving the way for phishing attacks and resource hijacking.

The primary targets in the past six months were government/military, manufacturing, and finance/banking sectors, enduring a staggering 5,789 attacks. The relentless onslaught poses threats of data theft, critical infrastructure disruption, IoT vulnerability exploitation, and financial drain.

Chanvith Iddhivadhana, Country Manager, Thailand for Check Point Software Technologies emphasised the need for a consolidated, collaborative, and comprehensive cybersecurity approach.

“Organisations in Thailand are facing an uphill battle. Cybersecurity attacks are getting more sophisticated, and the volume of attacks has just been on the rise year after year.”

The global landscape is no stranger to this menace, with one in ten organisations worldwide falling prey to ransomware attacks in 2023, a staggering 33% increase from the previous year. The tactics of cyber attackers evolve with digital consumption patterns, propelled by zero-day vulnerabilities, geopolitical instability, and the integration of AI.

To counteract this ever-changing threat, Check Point Software is set to transform into a true cybersecurity platform for 2024. An AI-powered and cloud-delivered initiative will encompass data centres, networks, clouds, endpoints, mobiles, and IoT. This strategy, encapsulated by the 3Cs of Best Security, promises Comprehensive coverage, a Consolidated architecture, and true Collaboration, reported The Nation.

AI solutions

In a bid to fortify cyber defences, Check Point Software introduces groundbreaking elements:

  1. AI-Powered, Cloud-Delivered Platform: The newly launched Generative AI security solution, Check Point Infinity AI Copilot, acts as an intelligent security ally, automating tasks and improving security effectiveness. With over 50 AI-powered security engines, this solution offers automation and collaborative intelligence, reducing time for security tasks and preventing 99.8% of unknown attacks.
  2. Quantum Spark 1900 and 2000: The latest additions to the next-gen firewall series cater specifically to small and medium businesses, providing high-performance network security with zero-touch provisioning, advanced cloud management, and automated threat management capabilities.
  3. Enhanced Partner Program: Strategically aligned with the comprehensive platform, this program empowers partners to cross-sell and up-sell advanced security solutions, covering various attack surfaces and addressing needs in SASE, email security, cloud environments, SD-WAN, and mobile security.

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