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Good Morning Thailand | The man behind the Sandbox, vaccine roll out, 1000s of restaurants suffering

The countdown is on to the grand re-opening strategy of Thailand tourism, firstly in Phuket with the Sandbox model. Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hua Han, Koh Samui AND Bangkok to follow. Today we speak to the man who is co-ordinating Phuket’s readiness for this important step in Thailand’s relaunch of tourism. We also discuss restaurant woes, alcohol bans and answer your questions. Good Morning Thailand today is hosted by Tim, Bill and Sue.

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  1. Who is going to take notice of this idiot. Driving a child to school and taking a video call!
    What are the road death toll in Thailand? Here is an example why.
    When I saw this, I immediately stopped watching. This moron has no credibility whatsoever.
    Anyway, I only check this spot to see what Tim’s shirt is today.


  2. Un-B-frigging-lievable!

    The director of Phuket’s TAT isn’t just breaking the law making a video call while driving, with his earphones in, but he’s breaking the law driving his daughter to school without wearing a mask himself!


    What sort of example is that?

    And he’s doing it knowing that he’s going out on TV!


  3. How TF can you trust someone “who is co-ordinating Phuket’s readiness” when he doesn’t even realise or doesn’t care that he’s going out on the media not only breaking the driving laws but blatantly breaking the Covid regulations?

    Sorry, but I just can’t believe I’m seeing anything quite so stupid.

  4. @Thaiger – the video call always shows the picture the opposite way around so ake that in consideration that makes him in the driving seat and if he is not driving why is he looking at the road so oftern sorry cannot accept he is not driving

  5. He’s clearly driving – not sure why you’d claim he isn’t. You even asked where he’s driving to when the video starts and he states that he’s driving his daughter to school.

    The main issue for me is that he think by driving his daughter to school he thinks he’s being a good father – that’s not being a good father, that’s what you’re supposed to do. being a good father would be refusing to take a moronic video call whilst doing it.

  6. Well he did say, “I’m driving to drop my daughter at school.” which is where my error was made.
    However he seems to be on the left side of the vehicle, and there is someone alongside him.
    The daughter is in the back seat, and so he is not an idiot and a moron, and he still has some credibility – this time . . .

  7. “He’s NOT driving”

    Odd since he says very clearly, at 1:40, that “I’M DRIVING TO DROP MY DAUGHTER TO SCHOOL” and selfie videos usually reverse the picture which is why his shirt clearly has the buttons on the “wrong” side (unless he’s a cross dresser or has borrowed his wife’s), suggesting that he’s sitting in the right hand (driver’s) seat, which is why his hands throughout are as they would be when driving!

    Either way, giving him the benefit of an enormous amount of doubt, if he’s “not driving”, then there are at least three of them in the vehicle and he’s “NOT” wearing a mask.

    There’s no excuse, and no way of excusing the inexcusable – HE’S BREAKING THE LAW!!!

  8. @Simon Small – In your long experiance you should be used to these idiots by now. Every new wave of farang wants to give these bottom feeders a break….and every farang that does walks away the wiser and many times poorer. Never trust a Thai…never befriend a Thai…never put a Thai in a position of responsibility…and never ever lend them any money.

  9. Driving or not – and he says he is, he’s in the driver’s seat, and he looks as if he’s driving – there are still at least two of them in the vehicle and he knows that he’s going nationwide on “Good Morning Thailand” with no mask on.

    What a pea-brain.

  10. “@Simon Small – In your long experiance you should be used to these idiots by now.”

    He’s obviously driving, @J West, just as he’s obviously not wearing a mask, but the stupidity is not realising or not caring that he’s doing so while being broadcast as much as anything else – an absolute plonker, who should never be in the position he’s in.

    As for the rest, in nearly thirty years living here – nearly half my life – and after living and working on every continent in the world, I’ve found Thais to be no less trustworthy than anyone else and more than some, with good and bad everywhere.

    Sadly, rather more trustworthy than many farangs I’ve met here but that’s a reflection of those here rather than farangs in general.

  11. @Simon Small – I arrived 47 years ago as a young trader and quickly learned two things, whoring and ripping off the farang is a national past time and that every Thai is corrupted by their essential nature. Catch them and they cry in envy and beg for mercy , always with a stupid smile and the excuse “ that you have so much) .

    Somerset Maugham wrote about it. Joseph Conrad wrote about it….Kipling wrote about it…Lonely Planet dedicated entire chapters to the subject. Bernard Twink retold the lamentations of the losers who’d imagined it otherwise….thirty years of his life dedicated to the sex obsessed heat deranged plonkers who kept coming like lambs to the slaughter. .

    Contemporary columnists like Heart to Heart Hillary of Pattaya Mail fame post the whiny letters of broken hearted punters whose love life rental unit lifted their wallets and scurried back to the rice paddy. How many farang have jumped to their deaths ( The Thailand Flying Cliub) because in the end their Thai friends have ripped them off of everything and abandoned them to their four walled studio cell of confusion. There have been at least hundreds of books written on the subject.

    Friends, you can f*ck them, house them, pretend to marry one…and expect to normalize your chaotic life left behind, .but you never ever open up a joint account with one and expect anything different than the lonely experience of the thousands who’ve trod your path before you.

  12. The Thai Govt should pay more attention to average people who offer a good bit of stability. The people who live permanently, or stay here part of the year are important, but Thailand makes staying long term either expensive or just too difficult.
    If they paid more attention to how much long termers contribute to the economy, then loosened requirements. For example, just having to show a regular income (could be proven by foreign bank statements too), and health insurance. Get rid of the 90 day reporting for long term residents, and instead, just report any time they change house.
    I think that would attract way more people (but without the beg packers), would boost the economy, and add some stability.
    We can dream, right?

  13. @J West – “A hundred books written of the subject”…smh. Go find a wife where you are from who is willing to put up with your scumbag ass and please come tell us all about how the grass is greener elsewhere. You are a sucker. The proverbial sodding git. That is why you have such a sad sack’s perspective.

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