Foreigners make a ‘cremazing’ splash with Gene Kelly-inspired dance in Thai temple rain

Photo via TikTok @ks_photogallery.

A group of enthusiastic foreigners sparked both amusement and criticism among Thai netizens after sharing a video of dancing and singing in the rain Gene Kelly style in front of a crematorium at a temple in Thailand.

A foreign woman shared a video of herself and friends on her TikTok account @ks_photogallery on Wednesday, September 6. The video features six people taking time out to reenact the 1952 movie Singin’ in the Rain, starring Gene Kelly, while the crematorium and temple formed the backdrop.

Thai netizens found the video entertaining, with some playfully poking fun at the foreigners’ apparent lack of awareness regarding the establishment’s solemn purpose.

“The rain is cold. Get yourself warm by the fire at the establishment behind you!”

“Do they know that the establishment behind them is used for?”

“The ghosts inside the crematorium might be confused by their acts. Anyway, happiness is everywhere haha.”

“Try coming back at night.”

“Feeling like Thai people and snow.”

However, some netizens expressed an opposite opinion saying a Thai temple was not the appropriate setting for dancing.

“Is it the place for you to dance?”

“It is inappropriate?”

“Before doing anything, I want you to study well before doing it.”

A renowned Thai monk, Payom Kanlayano, gave an interview with Channel 3 to express his opinion on the video. Payom admitted that dancing in the rain in front of the crematory or the temple might be seen as inappropriate. However, he emphasized that the foreigners were unaware of the cultural significance and had no negative intentions.

Payom added dancing in front of the crematory was not as significant as doing so before a Buddha statue, the main hall, or a stupa. The monk also encouraged Thai citizens to provide guidance and recommendations to foreigners rather than resorting to criticism.

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