Ex-police accused of demanding sex and money from fraud victim

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An ex-police officer stands accused of soliciting sexual favours and money from a woman via the LINE application, allegedly in exchange for advancing her fraud case. The former officer, however, denied the accusations, asserting that his LINE account had been compromised.

A 25 year old woman named Dao, yesterday, July 6, complained to the former police officer at Sattahip Police Station in Chon Buri province. According to her account, she received a message on the LINE application from a user named Samran Sukhto, who she recognised as a retired police lieutenant colonel from Sattahip Police Station.

Dao explained that she had reported a fraud incident involving the loss of 100,000 baht a year earlier and filed a complaint at Sattahip Police Station. To stay updated on the progress of her case and provide additional evidence to the officers, she maintained a LINE account named Spoamran.

In the course of their conversation, Samran allegedly requested 20,000 baht, a demand Dao refused while expressing dissatisfaction with his lack of action on her case. At this point, the former officer reportedly responded by saying, “Give me money, I give you development.”

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Dao declined once more, stating that she had given up on the case and had no reason to provide him with money. To her astonishment, she was then confronted with another shocking request from Samran. He allegedly said…

“Can I have sex with you once?”

Dao disclosed that the ex-police officer had been sending stickers and messages to her chat box ever since he obtained her contact, but these communications were consistently unrelated to her case updates. Consequently, she disregarded these messages. However, this time around, she felt compelled to file a legal complaint as Samran had borrowed money from her and also resorted to offensive language.

On the same day, at 7am, a group chat involving Sattahip Police officers displayed a message from the former police officer, announcing, “My LINE account was hacked at 9am today.”

The authenticity of this message, whether it was authored by the ex-officer himself or a result of a hacked account as claimed, remains unverified. The Sattahip Police Station has pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the LINE account to ascertain the true identity of the account user.

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