Ex-hotel chef arrested for sexual assault in Rayong

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A former five-star hotel chef turned delivery rider was apprehended yesterday for sexually assaulting a female customer on May 13, 2023. On the night of the event, 29 year old chef San, deviated from the route to indulge in his inappropriate urges under the guise of darkness.

Thai authorities, led by senior police officer Thiti Saengsawang, have been relentless in their pursuit of justice. After a diligent investigation, the team was able to locate and arrest the suspect in Rayong.

The arrest was a stroke of luck, as the suspect was caught while taking a break to smoke, unaware that law enforcement was on his trail.

The victim, a young woman, recounted her harrowing experience, which began as a routine ride home using a popular app.

The situation took a dark turn when the rider deviated from the normal route, increased his speed, made sudden stops, and forced the woman to touch him inappropriately, culminating in a terrifying threat to take her to a secluded location.

Chef San deliberately took a longer route to prolong the ordeal but the woman ultimately returned home safely, though the traumatic experience left a lingering sense of violation.

Chef San’s downfall came after he left his job at a prestigious hotel in the Lumpini area due to workplace issues.

He confessed to the assault, stating that the dim streetlights triggered his sexual impulses, leading to the assault. He even attempted to persuade the victim to stop along the way but she refused, reported Khaosod.

Following the arrest, the perpetrator was handed over to the Klongtan police for further legal proceedings. The swift action of the police and the bravery of the victim have ensured that justice will be served in this unsettling case.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety and vigilance when using ride-hailing services, especially during the night.

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