Early morning motorcycle crash in Chon Buri kills young man

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A tragic motorcycle crash claimed the life of a 26 year old man when he collided with a high-voltage power pole in Chon Buri province. The incident occurred early this morning, May 8, at around 3am on the road connecting Suansue-Nongleng near Suansue Fitness in Nong Kham subdistrict, Si Racha district.

The victim, identified only by his first name Pakorn, was found face down, having been thrown 40 metres from the impact site.

Despite immediate efforts by rescue volunteers from the Piyayingsai Si Racha Foundation and medical personnel from Phyathai Si Racha Hospital, Pakorn was pronounced dead at the scene due to severe injuries and blood loss.

The Yamaha Filano motorcycle, with a Chon Buri licence plate, was discovered in a severely damaged state, its parts scattered around the base of the power pole.

A security guard from the nearby fitness centre reported hearing a loud noise around 3am but did not realise a motorcycle crash had occurred until an hour later when he saw the body on the road and quickly alerted the police.

The grief-stricken parents arrived at the scene to embrace their son’s body, mourning the sudden and heartbreaking loss.

The police coordinated with the rescue unit to transport Pakorn’s body to Laem Chabang Hospital for an autopsy and to await the family’s collection for traditional funeral rites, reported Khaosod.

The accident highlights the ongoing concerns surrounding road safety in Thailand, especially concerning motorcycle accidents, which are alarmingly common and often result in high fatalities.

The Thai authorities continue to advocate for stricter safety measures and more significant public awareness to prevent such tragic incidents from recurring.

In similar news, in a tragic turn of events, a motorcycle rider lost his life in a high-speed collision with a stationary Toyota Fortuner along a bypass road in Chon Buri on May 4. The rider was reportedly riding at an immense speed of over 160 kilometres per hour, as indicated by his speedometer.

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