Department of Corrections fires 10 prison officials for misconduct

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10 prison officials have been dismissed by the Department of Corrections after a variety of serious breaches of conduct have been investigated. The dismissals range from smuggling to gross negligence and misconduct relating to 5 murders, and authorities fear that the egregious misconduct has shaken people’s confidence in the Department and the prison system.

The Director-General of the DoC detailed the list of staff dismissed yesterday, following a review conducted by a departmental general subcommittee. Names were not released, but the actions that led to the 10 officers’ firings were outlined.

One prison staffer was dismissed for gross misconduct regarding the murder of 5 family members, though details were not revealed in that case. The Department also fired 4 staff members accused of gross negligence when they were in charge of screening those who were coming into the prison and leaving the prison. Their carelessness led to several inmates who disguised themselves as prison staff and escaped.

Two more prison officials were dismissed for smuggling tobacco into the facilities and also for conspiracy to gauge inmates with overpriced products they sold in the prisons. Two more were fired who had also helped smuggle contraband into the jails and also for taking cash bribes from the relatives of prisoners in custody in exchange for favours. Finally, one prison employee was fired for giving a prisoner access to a mobile phone illegally.

The Director-General of the DoC called for prison wardens and other officials to not be corrupt or negligent and vowed to prosecute and punish anyone found breaking the law and engaging in misconduct.

“For the next fiscal year, the DoC has stressed that its officials must act with honesty and strictly adhere to the regulations.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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