Customs Chief orders probe into high-ranking official clearing illegal fuel truck

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The Director of Thailand’s Excise Department ordered an urgent investigation into allegations of a high-ranking official calling to clear an illegal fuel transport operation. If found guilty, the official will be suspended or dismissed from service immediately. The operation led by a provincial excise officer resulted in the arrest of a 47 year old man accused of illegally possessing untaxed goods.

Following the arrest, it was reported that a high-ranking official from the department had called to request the case against the suspect be dropped, but the request was denied. Grianggrai Pattanagorn, deputy director-general of the Excise Department, revealed that the department’s director, Aekanit Nitithanprapath has been informed of the situation and has ordered the urgent establishment of a committee to investigate the truth of the matter.

The investigation will be divided into two parts: determining whether the individual who made the phone call is indeed an official of the Excise Department, and if found guilty, suspending or dismissing them from service immediately; and verifying whether the seized fuel is illegal or transported without a proper permit. If any wrongdoing is confirmed, legal action will be taken against the culprits without exception.

Grianggrai added that the Excise Department is ready to cooperate fully with related authorities, including the police and the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), to bring the wrongdoers to justice. If any other officials are found to be involved, further investigations will be carried out, and punishments will be handed down accordingly. The Excise Department is committed to conducting all steps of the investigation transparently and fairly to all parties involved.

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