Covid-19 cases rising among children in Thailand ages 5 and under

Around 6,000 kids under the age of 6 were infected with Omicron last week, while it was only 1,000 cases last month. | Photo Unsplash

Covid-19 infections are on the rise among young children in Thailand, with more than 100,000 children ages five and under affected since the pandemic began.

Last month, around 1,000 children under six years old tested positive for Covid-19. But that number spiked last week to 6,000 children in that age group infected, according to the deputy director-general of the Department of Health.

From April of last year to February of this year, there were 107,059 kids infected with Covid-19, according to the official data. They contributed for 5% of the nearly 2 million Covid-19 cases across all age categories. A total of 29 children infected with the virus have died. Many of the children caught the virus from a family member.

Parents were advised to pay special attention to their children in this age group because vaccines for them were not yet available.

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Health officials advise people should complete a risk assessment to protect vulnerable groups like those with underlying health concerns, pregnant women, the elderly and children.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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