Construction chaos in Pattaya causes college walls to crumble

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Dusit Thani College finds itself on shaky ground as a drainage project on Sukhumvit Road wreaks havoc on its walls.

The Soi Phothisan to Khlong Naklua Phase 2 project, meant to improve the drainage system, caused damage that has left students and staff in dismay.

The ambitious construction venture, involving the excavation of sand mounds near the college, has taken an unexpected toll on the structural integrity of the college walls. As a result, sections of the walls have tilted precariously, leading to the collapse of some parts and even causing damage to parked cars nearby. The college administration, alarmed by the visible aftermath, has lodged a formal complaint with the Pattaya municipality, seeking swift action to rectify the situation and ensure the safety of the premises.

To make matters worse, the collateral damage extends beyond the physical realm. The college reports dust pollution and noise disturbances caused by the heavy machinery employed in the construction process, affecting the daily lives of both students and staff. The administration is demanding urgent intervention to mitigate these disruptions and safeguard the well-being of those within the college premises.

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Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai dispatched an inspection team to assess the situation. He revealed that the damage was unintentional, an unfortunate consequence of the drainage project. He assured the public that the Pattaya municipality would hold the contractor accountable for the damages and work towards a viable solution to restore the college walls to their former glory.

Apologising to the college and the public for the inconvenience caused, Deputy Mayor Nongyai emphasised the municipality’s commitment to resolving the matter swiftly. Discussions and negotiations between the municipality and the contractor are slated to commence shortly, with the goal of finding a suitable solution that ensures the college’s structural integrity is fully restored, reported Pattaya Mail.

In a plea for cooperation and understanding, Deputy Mayor Nongyai explained that the overarching aim of the project was to enhance the drainage system, ultimately preventing flooding in the area and benefiting residents in the long run.

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