Chinese man arrested in Chon Buri for using fake registration plate on Bentley

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Highway Police officers arrested a Chinese man on a highway in Chon Buri province for using a fake registration plate on his luxury Bentley sedan.

Highway police officers in Chon Buri province made a surprising discovery on a routine patrol resulting in the arrest of a 34 year old Chinese man, Chaing Meng, for using a fake registration plate on his luxury Bentley sedan. The incident took place on Highway number 344 near the Khaosok district when officers noticed the suspicious vehicle being driven erratically.

Following the Bentley, the officers promptly pulled over Chaing and requested the necessary car documents. However, the Chinese driver was unable to produce any, raising further suspicion. A closer inspection revealed that the car lacked an annual tax sticker and was registered under different numbers, indicating the use of a counterfeit plate.

The registration plate’s irregularities, including the absence of a watermark and officially issued 10-digit numbers, confirmed its fraudulent nature. Meng claimed ignorance, stating that he had purchased the Bentley from a car showroom on Vipawadee Road in Bangkok.

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However, using fake government-issued documents, including registration plates, is a serious offence in Thailand. Meng may face imprisonment for six months to five years and a fine ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 baht for violating Section 268 of the Criminal Law. Additionally, he could be subject to an additional fine of up to 2,000 baht for the use of the fake registration plate.

This incident echoes similar cases in the past, highlighting the severity of the issue. Just last week, a Thai BMW sedan driver used a fake registration plate to evade toll fees over 260 times, resulting in damages exceeding 7,000 baht. In another case from April, a Thai man used a counterfeit plate on his Porsche, leading to the real owner of the legitimate plate being fined for the illegal actions.

Authorities remain vigilant in combating such fraudulent practices to ensure road safety and uphold the law.

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