Chinese influencer praises Thailand’s VIP experience on elite visa, starting at 600,000 baht

Picture courtesy of @taifei5 TikTok

A viral video is currently making waves online, featuring a high-society Chinese woman reviewing her VIP experience while travelling to Thailand using the Thailand Elite Visa. Shared on TikTok via her account @taifei5, she documented a journey where luxury and personal care started as soon as she stepped off the plane.

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Once disembarked, the Chinese influencer was greeted by officials holding a sign with her name. Subsequently, she enjoyed a leisurely golf cart ride, proceeding to the special Elite Visa channel. Provision was made for her luggage by the staff in advance, ensuring a seamless travel encounter. The mode of her ground transportation matched the tenor of her trip – with choices of high-standard cars like Mercedez Benz or BMW. All these made the journey from the airport to her residence a mere 15 minutes affair, reported Sanook.

Thailand Elite Visa is a special type of visa that allows multiple entries into Thailand. It can be renewed every five years and includes privileges for extended stays in Thailand. The starting price is 600,000 baht (US$17,411).

This video is a testament, not just to the ease and convenience of travelling to Thailand with the Elite Visa but also to the country’s well-structured system designed for such elite travellers. The allure of this VIP experience demonstrated through the influencer’s journey, has generated significant online interest and is a testament to Thailand’s allure to high-society tourists.

Last year, Thailand’s Elite Visa set its sights on attracting wealthy people to stay long-term in the kingdom. Chinese expats are taking the most advantage of it, but officials are surprised to see the average age of those applying for long-term visas is dropping.

About 20,000 Elite Visas have been approved so far to allow people to stay long-term in Thailand, with 7,350 have been from Chinese nationals, according to Nation Thailand. To read more click HERE

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