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BREAKING: Covid Provincial restriction update – latest from the CCSA

Tim Newton



The CCSA has announced its updated restrictions for the 18 ‘red zone’ provinces this afternoon. The new measures start on Sunday, April 18, and will be in place for at least 2 weeks. The restrictions are basically as we published earlier today. There are no ‘lockdowns’ or curfews despite a popular blogger jumping the gun and posting that there were curfews announced.

There’s also no specific travel restrictions imposed although the PM ‘discouraged’ travel to Red Zone provinces. Provincial governors are still able to add their own local restrictions if they deem necessary.

Here are the key points as announced by the CCSA late this afternoon…

Across all provinces…

• Closures of schools, all nightlife venues, pubs and clubs, karaoke bars and massage parlours

(except for international schools running exams)

• No events can have more than 50 people

Provincial red zones (listed below)…

• Dining-in allowed until 9pm (but can do takeaway until 11pm)

• Serving of alcohol banned

• Shopping centres and fitness centres to be closed by 9pm

(Sporting fields, exercise places, gyms and fitness clubs must close at 9pm)

• Convenience stores, markets, supermarkets must be closed by 11pm

Everywhere else…

• Dining-in allowed until 11pm

• Serving of alcohol banned

• Shopping centres to be closed by 9pm

Additionally, people are being discouraged from traveling to “Red Zone” provinces. Businesses are also being ‘asked’ to allow staff to work from home or introduce other measures to minimise risk of infection at the workplace.

The Red Zone provinces are, in no apparent order…

1. Bangkok
2. Chiang Mai
3. Chon Buri
4. Samut Prakan
5. Prachuap Khiri Kan
6. Samut Sakhon
7. Pathum Thani
8. Nakhon Pathom
9. Phuket
10. Nakhon Ratchasima
11. Nonthaburi
12. Songkhla
13. Tak
14. Udon Thani
15. Suphanburi
16. Sa Kaeo
17. Rayong
18. Khon Kaen

Earlier today Public Health Minister Anutin Chanvirakul said that the government is “confident it can overcome the current Covid-19 crisis without needing to impose a nationwide lockdown”.

BREAKING: Covid Provincial restriction update - latest from the CCSA | News by Thaiger


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  1. Avatar


    Friday, April 16, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    It’s a pity that it’s so difficult to find province by province entry requirements.

  2. Avatar


    Friday, April 16, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    Government confident what a joke they are ,do they think covid go to sleep after 9pm it thier all the time so all day people can mix and catch covid then 9pm they can’t ,crazy crazy government

  3. Avatar


    Friday, April 16, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    Not much clarification on hotel restaurants and hotel bars, do they have to follow the 9pm closure of restaurants and not able to serve booze?

    I know some hotel restaurants and hotel bars here in Phuket i will still be carrying on with their regular operating times and selling of booze after Sundays deadline when all the new restrictions come into place as there is nothing that has been mentioned about hotel facilities.

  4. Avatar

    P jones

    Friday, April 16, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    No logic at all
    As a friend once said don’t look for logic where none exists.
    You cannot have drink with your meal in a restaurant.
    But can buy loads of alcohol and have party with friends at home.
    Beggars belief.

  5. Avatar

    James R

    Friday, April 16, 2021 at 10:46 pm

    So basically carry on mixing in millions in shopping centres and restaurants etc but just close them a little earlier and no alcohol.

    So the exponential growth in virus cases will carry on then.

    I wonder how many have to die before they really do introduce a real lockdown in order to beat the virus.

  6. Avatar


    Friday, April 16, 2021 at 10:58 pm

    Keep up with the lockdowns. After all, they worked so well in Europe and America didn’t they!

  7. Avatar

    David Mann

    Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 1:31 am

    @Frank. Yes they did work and continue to work incredibly well in Europe and the US. The high levels of infections in Europe and the US occurred when lockdown restrictions were eased. In the U.K. cases have fallen from 60,000 a day to around 500 because of lockdown. The other reason cases are high in those places is the sheer amount of testing done. Typically 400,000-600,000 per DAY! Not 5,000 to 10,000 like in some places.

    Lockdowns work and have been demonstrated to work time and again.

  8. Avatar


    Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 6:57 am

    No, they don’t David. Maybe temporarily, but as soon as you end the lockdown, cases go right back up again don’t they? You just buy a little extra time but at a tremendous economic and social cost. Florida had similar outcomes to California even though Florida didn’t lock down much and California did

  9. Avatar

    Jay D

    Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 6:59 am

    David, Lockdowns are for tyrannical governments only. They only buy a little time (at a tremendous financial and social cost), and then the virus comes back even stronger.

  10. Avatar


    Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 8:52 am

    Thai friends,Thailand is my second home, but as I warned you last week you will have more than 100 thousand infections without realizing it. My free advice today is: sell your condos or apartaments as soon as possible, this health crisis will last at least 3 seasons.

  11. Avatar

    Amy Sukwan

    Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 8:58 am

    Lockdowns don’t work. People in support of them play statistical Kabuki theater, pointing to this case or that case where cherry picked numbers make the best case for them. They also completely ignore the extreme hardship such measures place on people. When you look at big picture numbers comparing neighboring countries or US states, say, apples to apples comparisons, all you see is a bunch of nonsense. Viruses are going to virus. The only clear correlation I can see is a spike in Covid deaths right after rollout of vaccines

  12. Avatar


    Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 10:43 am

    At what point will an investigation take place to establish how the virus (seemingly the variant discovered in the UK) got into Thailand, and then into Bangkok. Suggestion is it came from Cambodia where they are struggling to control this variant, corrupt officials presumably who are now responsible for more devastation of business’s and livelihoods. This demonstrates that lockdowns only provide a temporary respite, especially with porous borders, in the meantime families remain separated and tourist dependent businesses continue to food. A national disgrace.

  13. Avatar

    David Mann

    Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 5:10 pm

    @Frank/@David. My point was to clarify only one thing. Lockdowns do work in getting the virus under control and driving numbers back down. It ensures that a key parameter of hospitalizations don’t outpace hospital beds. It also allows time for contact tracers to clear backlogs. Essentially they are only good at one thing- Bringing infections down. As you rightly say, it will increase again, unless you use the lockdown time to vaccinate people, educate people and introduce new laws to control the virus.

    I think we can all see that there are only two options that fully work in EITHER saving life’s OR saving livelihoods. Either fully lockdown and destroy the economy. Or you open up fully and accept 0.5-1% of the population will die (mainly the old and people with Chronic disease). You also run the risk of higher a mutation rate if you let it rip. More infections means more probability of mutations. These mutations could mean higher death rates? Everything in between these two extremes is up for debate. Some people will lose out financially and some people will lose their loved ones. It is an impossible task for anyone to get right as there are no right or wrong answers.

    Only vaccinations can get the world out of this mess. A country’s vaccination strategy; which is a far more deterministic strategy, is critical and we can all see the countries that have that strategy right and wrong.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Phuket red zone list adds Krabi, Trang, Ranong, Phatthalung

Neill Fronde



FILE PHOTO: The Phuket checkpoint now lists 25 provinces as a red zone.

Visitors to Phuket from Krabi, Trang, Ranong, and Phatthalung will now have to prove they’re vaccinated or have a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of arrival, as they’ve been added to the red zone province list. People entering without those qualifications will have to take a rapid antigen test on the spot before being allowed into Phuket.

The 4 provinces join a group of 21 other provinces already on the Phuket red zone list requiring strict measures to enter. That list even includes Phuket itself, as people do exit the province have to prove a negative test or vaccination before being allowed to re-enter.

Phuket’s vice governor made the announcement yesterday after the governor signed the order and put it into effect until at least May 15th. That same order requires all trucks transporting goods to travel from 11 pm to 5 am, the nighttime hours that other people are not allowed to enter the island. Phuket recently closed its entry checkpoints from late night to early morning after reports of exhaustion from the health officials working to test everyone or verify their credentials.

Delivery drivers will also have to pass the same requirements as red zone province arrivals before entering Phuket. Any driver who does not have a negative test within 72 hours or proof that they’ve received both doses of a vaccine approved by Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration, will be forced to wait until the regular checkpoint opens at 5 am to receive a rapid antigen test.

Over 40,000 people from red zones have now been tested at the checkpoint to enter Phuket. In the first week of the requirement which began on April 22, health officials tested more than 22,000 people, overwhelming staff and prompting the government to close the entrance from 11 pm to 5 am to give checkpoint workers a break.

The 25 provinces currently classified as a red zone for entering Phuket are as follows:

Bangkok Nakhon Pathom Pathum Thani Rayong Suphan Buri
Chiang Mai Nakhon Ratchasima Phatthalung Sa Kaeo Surat Thani
Chonburi Nakhon Sri Thammarat Phuket Samut Prakan Tak
Khon Kaen Narathiwat Prachuap Khiri Khan Samut Sakhon Trang
Krabi Nonthaburi Ranong Songkhla Udon Thani

SOURCE: The Phuket News


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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

BMA admits Covid virus spreading fast in Bangkok, speeds up testing and jabs




Stock photo via Flickr

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration says it is speeding up mass Covid-19 testing and inoculations in communities hit strongly by the virus, after admitting the virus is spreading fast in Thailand’s capital.

The city clerk says the administration, along with the Public Health Ministry and other agencies, are speeding up the collection of nasal swabs for Covid-19 tests, with a plan to test 3,000 people in high-risk groups per day. Those people deemed to be at an increased risk of the virus have been clustered by districts, with testing units in each of the 6 districts…

Laksi district, 70 Pansa Min Buri park in Min Buri district, Huai Khwang stadium in Huai Khwang district, under the Rama III expressway in Yannawa district, a public park under Rama VIII bridge in Bang Phlad district and The Mall Bangkae shopping centre in Bang Kae district.

The virus has been found in densely populated, low-income areas such as the Klong Toey community in Klong Toey district, Bon Kai community in Pathumwan district and Ban Khing community and The Mall Bangkae in Bang Kae district. In an effort to help those residents stay at home to prevent the possible spreading of the coronavirus, community-level organisations are teaming up to provide food, water, and supplements to those in the areas.

But stay at home orders are a problem for many as starvation is more frightening than the virus and 90% of residents in the slum communities still need to leave for work each day to keep food on the table. The daily average income for those in the slums is around 120 to 150 baht. The CCSA yesterday declared that is is focusing on containing major Covid clusters in 3 key Bangkok communities – the Klong Toey ‘slums’, Bon Kai in Pathumwan and Ban Khing in the Bang Kae district, on the west side of the Chao Phraya.

Today’s nationwide Covid update includes compiling the regional totals from yesterday, with a total of 27 new Covid-related deaths and 2,044 new Covid-19 infections over the past 24 hours. The numbers continue a statistically consistent rise in the number of Covid infections over the past 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, talking about Phuket’s plans to open in July, the Tourism and Sports Minister, Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, said yesterday that the number of new cases on the island must reach zero before the government can contemplate the ‘Sandbox’ plan for no-quarantine travel.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Phuket visitor Covid-19 rapid antigen testing may end May 15

Neill Fronde



PHOTO: Covid-19 rapid tests may be discontinued in Phuket. (via Wikimedia)

In a live broadcast, Phuket’s Vice Governor Piyapong Choowong said officials will consider discontinuing Covid-19 rapid antigen testing for people arriving into Phuket after May 15. The interview from the Phuket Check Point at Tha Chatchai yesterday seems to contradict a recent statement from the governor launching additional rapid testing from today.

Entry to Phuket since April 22 has been limited for travellers from red zone provinces, requiring proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test within the last 72 hours. Anyone arriving without either of these would be screened on the spot with rapid antigen tests. Though originally offered for 300 baht per person, controversy arose over Thailand’s 2-tier pricing as it was announced that testing would be free for Thai people and 500 baht for foreigners.

The National Health Security Office provided 40 billion baht for testing in Phuket, allowing free testing for nationals, but as that funding is used up, Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew announced that the testing will no longer be free for Thai people after May 15. Phuket does not have the budget for free rapid antigen testing so they will likely be forced to require payment after that date.

The current testing has seen a decline in positive Covid-19 infections, not finding any new cases for several days, prompting the government to rethink whether the current system of rapid testing those who are not vaccinated or holding a recent negative test certificate is worth the money spent.

Over 40,000 people have been tested since the program began April 22 until the current figures on May 5, with only 22 covid infections identified. Furthermore, 5 of those infections turned out to be false positives.

The vice-governor conceded that Phuket has Covid-19 outbreak problems with growing infections every day, but explains that the infections are from within the community and not from outside visitors. The latest infections stem in large part from gambling get-togethers without proper Covid-19 safety.

As of now, the rapid antigen testing will continue until the May 15 cut off, but government officials are still debating whether to continue testing and whether funding will exist for it after that date.

The NHSO has recently hinted that they will approve more funds to continue testing, a signal that had not been received before the governor’s announcement on Wednesday about the rapid antigen testing.

The vice-governor stressed that the situation is constantly evolving and that new information it’s shared frequently, and often out of local control. He urges everyone to pay attention to forthcoming announcements.

SOURCE: The Phuket News


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