Brave officer thwarts student brawl with gun and knife at Ranong

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A police officer has been lauded for his bravery after intervening in a student brawl at a busy intersection. The incident, which could have turned deadly with the involvement of a firearm and a knife, was swiftly contained by the officer, who risked his safety to prevent potential injury or death among the youths involved.

The altercation occurred on February 12 at approximately 4pm at the Ranong intersection. The police officer, Nithis Sri Ranil, who was on traffic duty at the time, heard a gunshot and immediately acted. Rushing to the scene, he discovered students engaged in a violent dispute. One individual was wielding a knife, seemingly ready to attack. Without hesitation, Nithis left the safety of his post to intervene, reported KhaoSod.

Upon containing the situation, Nithis took into custody one of the students, a high schooler, who turned out to be a victim about to head home when he encountered the assailants. The officer managed to secure a motorcycle belonging to one of the perpetrators, identified as a Honda PCX.

Nithis expressed that he did not think twice about his own life during the intervention. His only thought was to prevent any of the students from getting hurt or killed. He has received widespread commendation for his dedication and swift action. Grateful for the recognition, he vows to continue performing his duties to the best of his abilities. His superiors have also shown concern, inquiring about his wellbeing following the incident.

In related news, while some student altercations receive prompt police intervention like in Nithis’s case, not all end as smoothly. A tragic knife fight unfolded at a prestigious school in Sisaket, Thailand, resulting in one fatality and three injuries.

The confrontation escalated during lunch, leading to fatal wounds for one student. Prompt police investigation ensued, with injured students receiving treatment. The perpetrator confessed, and legal actions were initiated as authorities sought justice for the victims.

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