Boom boom: Thai people ranked No.1 in Asia’s list of top shaggers

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The World Population Review website released its ranking for the Average Number of Sexual Partners by Country in 2024, revealing that Thai people are Asia’s top shaggers.

The World Population Review website published its 2024 ranking for the Average Number of Sexual Partners by Country, unveiling that Thai individuals have the highest number of sexual partners in Asia.

The World Population Review is a website providing insightful information related to global demographics across various aspects. The website recently published its annual ranking on the average number of sexual partners for residents in each country.

The ranking was compiled based on surveys conducted in 46 countries on how many sexual partners a person has in their lifetimes. The World Population Review stated that the numbers are related to the cultural norms.

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The top ten countries in the ranking are Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. The average number of sexual partners in Turkey is reported to be 14.5.

India is reported to have the lowest number of sexual partners. The website cited the importance of marriage in Indian culture as the reason for India ranking at the bottom, with residents encouraged to refrain from premarital sex or to marry before engaging in sexual activity.

Some countries in Asia like Vietnam and China are also at the bottom of the ranking as well. The website reported that people in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam have fewer than four sexual partners throughout their lives.

Although Thailand did not make the top ten, it is ranked 12th in the world and highest in Asia. The average number of sexual partners in Thailand is 10.6, compared with 10.2 in Japan, 7.2 in Singapore, 5.1 in Indonesia, 3.2 in Vietnam, 3.1 in China and 3.0 in India.

This report corresponds to the Global Promiscuity Index ranking launched by the mattress review platform NapLab in 2023. In this ranking, Thailand was placed as the 9th country with the highest promiscuity index in the world.

NapLab’s report is in line with the findings of the World Population Review, which indicates that Thailand has a high average number of sexual partners. The report also highlights a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the country.

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