Blood pours from Thai man’s mouth who chewed pork skewer with blades inside it

Blood poured from a man’s mouth after he chewed a skewer of grilled pork yesterday in the Samut Prakan province in central Thailand. He found several pieces of sharp cutter blades inside the meat, which he bought from a vendor in Phra Pradaeng district.

The 29 year old man, Tongpoon, bought two skewers of grilled pork – or “Moo Ping” and a bag of sticky rice from a vendor on Pu Chao Saming Plai Road in Klang subdistrict yesterday afternoon.

Tongpoon took the Moo Ping home to eat. He ate one skewer, which he said was normal. Once he started chewing the second skewer, he said he felt like he was chewing on something hard, like a bone.

Pain kicked in and blood started pouring out of Tongpoon’s mouth, which is when he inspected the skewer and found several pieces of sharp metal blades within it. Tongpoon took photos of the offending skewer for evidence to show to the media.

He took the blades back to show the Moo Ping vendor, who said they were unaware of the blades inside the pork. The vendor explained that he doesn’t make the skewers himself but buys them from a producer before grilling and selling them. The vendor did however take responsibility for the incident because he cooked and served the food without noticing the blades.

Tongpoon accepted the vendor’s apologies, but has requested the vendor to thoroughly inspect all their meat before serving any more Moo Ping.

The vendor has sent the blades to the Moo Ping producer, who makes the skewers from ground pork, for further inspection.

Tongpoon could probably get some compensation if he filed a lawsuit against the Moo Ping producer, but he says it’s no pig deal.

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SOURCE: Sanook

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