BJT defends senators-elect from criticism over backgrounds

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The Bhumjaithai Party (BJT) is calling for an end to the criticism targeting senators-elect over their backgrounds, asserting that the election process was designed to give candidates from all walks of life an equal opportunity to join the Upper House.

BJT party member and former MP, Somsak Prissananantakul released a statement on Facebook today.

“Some senators-elect come from ordinary backgrounds. They do not belong to wealthy clans or famous families. Some are not university graduates. Right now, they are being bullied by some critics who show nothing but disrespect for their dignity.”

Somsak highlighted the case of a senator-elect in Ang Thong province, who is reportedly being criticised for her educational background.

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“She only finished [Year 12] and she makes her living as a tailor, so they questioned why she was elected as a senator.”

He also mentioned another senator-elect in the province, who has experience as a village chief and health volunteer, yet faces similar scrutiny despite her practical skills and experience.

Somsak’s comments come amid allegations that the BJT has influenced the Senate election process. These claims arose following observations that a notable number of senators-elect appeared to have affiliations with the BJT, which has a strong political presence in the northeast.

Responding to these allegations, Deputy Government spokesperson and BJT member, Karom Polpornklang, challenged critics to provide concrete evidence to support their accusations.

“Every candidate had to follow the Election Commission’s regulations. We must respect the outcome of the Senate election.”

The BJT maintains that the Senate election process was fair and inclusive, designed to ensure that individuals from less privileged backgrounds had the same opportunities as those from more affluent families, reported Bangkok Post.

In separate news, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s ongoing efforts to address national issues and promote Thailand have failed to win over the majority of voters, according to a survey by NIDA Poll. The poll, published on June 29, also highlighted a decline in the popularity of Pheu Thai Party leader Paetongtarn Shinawatra and a rise in support for the Move Forward Party (MFP).

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