Bangkok taxi driver detained for sexually assaulting passenger

A Bangkok taxi driver has been arrested for sexually assaulting a passenger under the guise of a secluded location. On Thursday, March 14, the taxi driver, Thanadol, from Non Sung district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, was apprehended by metropolitan police officers following a warrant issued by the Min Buri Criminal Court.

The incident occurred during the early hours of March 14 when the victim hailed a taxi from an entertainment venue in the Ekkamai area to be taken home to Ram Inthra. While on a secluded stretch of road, the 44 year old driver allegedly forced the victim to perform oral sex.

During the arrest at the National Housing Authority’s Pim Sin Sukhapiban 3 building in the Sa-i Mai district of Bangkok, Thanadol denied all allegations, claiming that the passenger had sexually harassed him first. The police are urging particularly women who work late or travel at night to be cautious when returning home alone.

They advise taking a photo of the taxi’s license plate and pretending to update someone at home on their whereabouts as a safety precaution.

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The taxi driver from Nakhon Ratchasima was detained on charges of sexual assault after the passenger reported being forced into non-consensual acts. The arrest, executed by metropolitan police detectives, occurred following an incident that took place in the early hours of March 14, when the victim, after a night out in Ekkamai, Bangkok, took a taxi destined for the Ram Inthra area.

The driver is accused of overpowering the passenger in a deserted location and compelling them to engage in sexual acts.

Bangkok taxi driver detained for sexually assaulting passenger | News by Thaiger
Picture of taxi driver arrest courtesy of Sanook

Upon his capture near a residential building in the Klong Tan district of Bangkok, Thanadol, originally from the district of Non Sung, faced charges based on a warrant dated March 14 from the Min Buri Criminal Court. The victim, fearing for her safety due to the possibility of the driver carrying a weapon, was unable to resist the assault and subsequently reported the crime at the Min Buri Police Station.

Thanadol vehemently denies the charges and maintains he was the one being harassed by the passenger. He has since been transferred to the Min Buri Police Station for legal proceedings.

In light of this event, Police Major General Theeradech Thamsuthi, head of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch, issued a warning to the public, especially women who may travel alone late at night. He advises them to take precautions such as photographing the taxi’s license plate and informing a family member or pretending to inform them of their whereabouts via a phone call.

Theeradech gives several safety tips to use on calls.

“I’m on my way home now, Dad. You can ask the maid to wait for me outside.”

“How is the police station doing, Dad? I’m coming home now, you can come to pick me up.”

“Can we set up a checkpoint to catch the bad guys today? I’ll see you after my shift.”

These measures aim to provide a sense of security and potentially deter any ill-intentioned taxi drivers.

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