Bangkok taxi driver brawls with passenger in the street (video)

A fight broke out between a Bangkok taxi driver and a passenger in the middle of the street last night. The passenger allegedly tried to steal from the driver.

In a clip circulating on social media, the cameraman shouts ‘Muay Thai!’ as a taxi driver, wearing a face mask throughout the whole fight, swings at the passenger and pushes him into the busy road.

At one point, the taxi driver yells, “Mother******!”

Around 40 seconds into the video, a passerby steps in and de-escalates the situation. Both parties reportedly then went their separate ways.

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The incident happened on the Sri Nakhon Kheuan Khan Road in Talat subdistrict, Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakan province – just south of Bangkok – last night at 7.30pm.

Reporters travelled to the scene and spoke to “Bee,” a woman who witnessed the fight.

Bee said she was driving home when she heard a loud noise and saw the pair fighting so she stopped to find out what was happening.

Locals told Bee that the passenger was drunk and not only did he not have money to pay for his fare, but he also allegedly attempted to rob the taxi driver.

The cameraman, 17 year old Chakrapop Sangman, said he was sitting at Phra Pradaeng Pier when he saw two men fighting. He decided to film the fight in case it needed to be used as evidence.

Reporters travelled to Phra Phradaeng Police Station where officers said that neither the taxi driver nor the passenger had reported the fight to the police.

However, upon seeing the clip, police decided to go to the scene and inspect the CCTV footage.

Police said they would try and track down both the taxi driver and passenger for questioning.

On Wednesday, three Win motorbike taxi drivers were allegedly attacked by a gang of Bolt motorbike taxi drivers in Pattaya.

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